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  • Passion For Dance
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    Miah Tatiana Gazmey is the younger sister of the Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA and half sister to Samcro Biker Jax Teller. Miah has been struggling being part of 2 different worlds, one of rich brother and another one who is a criminal so she found herself in hip hop dancing and went to this school High Water where she...

  • Bad Ass
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    Fiona Faith Mikaelson is the oldest daughter of the original Hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall with a little sister Named Hope Mikaelson. Fiona is the strongest Creature in the whole supernatural world besides her sister hope but yet She's even stronger than her sister too but behind being the powerful crea...

  • Ms.Everybody Luvs Me♥️
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    Jaylani Alea Teller is the youngest sister of Jax teller and the daughter of Gemma Teller but she was raised by the legendary rapper 2Pac,Snoop and Ice Cube. she was raised by the streets and never have interests in talking to her real family or even bothered to talk to them since Her mom [Gemma] tossed her in the dum...

  • In Love With The Devil
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    Nikole Mikaelson is the 3rd to the youngest out of the Mikaelson siblings. Everyone in her family thinks she looks more like Elijah than any other of the siblings but really she is more closer to her big brother Niklaus and her 2 younger siblings. Nikole has been struggling for the past 1,000 years dealing with her p...

  • Falling in love with a Monsta💕
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    Joelle Joy Teller is the not much younger sister of Jax sister, Joelle hasn't seen her brother since she was 20 years old and now she's 26 years of age so she hasn't seen him for 6 years. Joelle is a model who also likes to do music so she's been on the road for the past 6 years. Joelle one day comes to her hometown...

  • The Lost Hale🐺🌚
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    Alexandra Moon Hale is the Little sister of Derek Hale and older sister of Cora. Ever since escaping her family fire innocent Alexandra has been Lost out there in the world by herself thinking that her family is dead but she didn't know that a few of them are alive. As she was lost on her own she soon ran into a speci...