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    catch me wont you? catch me. I've fallen in love. • i will be using both spanish and english , and spanglish!! • mature language will be used in the story along with yk.. (smut,make-outs, heated moments,ect) !! just to clarify the title is based off of J. Cole's song "She's mine pt1" because the title alone is kind of...

  • Soccer/Football Imagines
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    Original soccer/football imagines I have reached the maximum of 200 chapters on this story. So, if you want to keep reading my works, go to Soccer/Football Imagines Part 2 for more footballer imagines Suggestions open

  • Soccer/Football Imagines (Part 2)
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    Check out Soccer/Football Imagines for more imagines! Suggestions are open as of February 2020

  • A New Life - a Bog x Gildedguy Fanfic
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    Bog has turned good and wants to have a fresh start with his former enemy Gildedguy, but as the two grow closer as friends, Gildedguy begins to wonder if what he feels for Bog is just friendship, or if it's something more... Made for the Gildedguy Discord server, I do not own any of these characters, please do not tak...

  • Smash Ultimate x Reader
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    Hello my fellow Smashers! Nintendo has a knack for making super cute/hot fictional characters that you just can't help but fall for, am I right? So here I am, with a Smash bros Ultimate x reader for you lovely people! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are all sorts of assorted oneshots with different charact...

  • SSBU x Reader
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    A bunch of random stories about SSBU. I'll take requests but not yanderes and yaoi If I get multiple requests at once I'll officially publish them a few days apart Warning: I don't download fighters so they're possibly going to be different in my stories than from how they are in Ssb, so I'll be using their home worl...

  • Yami YugixReader One-Shot
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    Also on my Quotev. For Lan's 17th birthday~ Yami and the gang playing some video games. Literally, nothing else.

  • Heart of The Duelist [Yu-Gi-Oh!]
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    [Yu-Gi-Oh! All Generations] [Various X Reader] [Slightly Modern AU!] [Y/n] transferred to Duelist High School after being in America for a long portion of her life that is dedicated to dueling which results in her role as the Princess of Games. Duelist High School was meant for professional duelists from around the wo...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh One Shots Collection
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    [Yu-Gi-Oh One Shots Book] [All Generations/Various X Reader] You were someone special to them. Your personality. Your smile. Your happiness. Your laugh. Your anger. Your feelings. Everything. It was all perfect. But maybe it was just you that got them to fall for you.

  • Megaman x reader (net navi) [1]
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    [Name] finds herself in a strang place somewhere inside the deep mind's Confused she finds a secret that would be the end of what [name] knows Is it the virus [name] finds? or is it worse?

  • Super Smash Bros. One-Shots
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    One-Shots of your favorite Smash Bros. characters! Before you ask me, or comment a request, I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS HERE. Nothing belongs to me except for the short stories. Also, these are from my works on Quotev, if you see this here or on Quotev with the user "Princess Diana" they are NOT stolen works, they are offi...

  • SSB X Reader One- Shots! 2
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    The doors reopened in the famous Smash Mansion, and there you will encounter new and old faces. Friends, Best friends, and maybe even soon to be lovers?! You may be new, you may be a returner, but you are always a part of that big family. EDIT: ON HIATUS (because currently making another book) ...

  • SSB X Reader One- Shots!
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    Enjoy your time inside the large mansion of SMASH, have fun with your beloved characters, you'll find excitment, lvoe and friendship in each one-shot you'll ever read! Now stop reading this random introduction and start reading the inside, cause that's where all the excitement begins! ...

  • I Fell For An Angel? (Dark Pit x Fem Reader)
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    Yes finally this story will have a description! So anyway, this is a rewrite of a similar titled story I wrote. I want to finish it but it's so badly written I can't help but want to throw it in a fire. This is going to be completely redone, some of the setting, characters' personalities, plot points, etc. I don't own...

  • My Two Angels (Pit x Reader x Dark pit) *ON HOLD*
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    You live a normal life, if you call people trying to make you stop daydreaming all the time and bullying normal. Thinking about video games, anime/manga, and fanfic. Your favorite were the two angel's from Kid Icarus. What happens when they turn out to be real? Or are you just stuck in a game? (I don't own the charact...

  • Pokemon Anime x Reader
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    I ship you with characters from the Pokemon Anime. Requests always open. Some chapters contain... mature themes. They are marked, if you feel uncomfortable, don't read. There are plenty others for you to enjoy.

  • Pokemon Sword and Shield Oneshots~
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    All your favourites are here from Sword and Shield! Requests are closed indefinitely at the moment, sorry! Still am interested in Pokémon but not SWSH as much.

  • BBS prefrences
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    I don't see these alot soooooo,This will include Nogla,Lui,Vanoss,Delirious,Moo,Terroriser,Basically,Ohm,Wildcat and Mini,Maybe someone else if Someone wants,

  • ●The Stepbrother (kth x reader ff) ✔️
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    "Namjoon isn't home baby", he said. Did that idiot just call me baby? "Who are you?", I said while looking at him. He is an idiot, but he's a hot ass idiot. "I'm his stepbrother", he said and my eyes widened in shock... [SHORT STORY] ᯽Contains ▷Smut ▷Fluff ▷Strong Language Read at your own risk ᯽Cover was made...

  • fnf senpai x reader oneshots
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    I hate this logic does not exsist in this universe because of my dumb pea brain not knowing anything I do not own senpai's character he is from the game fridaynightfunkin

  • ➳ 𝙔𝙤𝙪'𝙧𝙚 𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙚 || Danganronpa One Shots
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    welcome to my danganronpa oneshots ! ㅤㅤ:¨·.·¨: '·..➭ 。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚ - ➴  ゚・。・ ┊͙ ┊͙ requests are open ! please send them because they will gladly help. ♡ - started september 25th <3

  • ☆ Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios ☆
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    I'm bored in quarantine so hello wattpad Characters I will be doing 💗 . . . . . . . . Shuichi Saihara 🔍 Kokichi Oma 😈 Rantaro Amami 🥑 Chihiro Fujisaki 💻 Kiyotaka Ishumaru 📑 Byakuya Togami 💵 K1-B0 🤖 Gonta Gokuhara 🐞 Makoto Naegi 🍀

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    \\Christmas Gift to my followers\\ WELCOME TO MY NEW DANGANRONPA STORY~ Do you want to know what your favorite danganronpa characters will do in certain situations? Real/life? Killing Game? Medieval Fantasy? Horror Movie Scenario? Well you've come to the right place~

  • danganronpa oneshots
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    - ̗̀danganronpa oneshots book ̖́ - if you are a fan of : ―danganronpa ; -trigger happy havoc -goodbye despair -killing harmony -another episode -the end of hope's peak high school ↠oneshots {just the characters bein' the characters} ↠ship oneshots {we all have them | could be without the danganronpa lore, or with it...

  • Pokemon: Distraught
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    A Victini accidentally gets caught by a very nice trainer while it was sleeping. The team of the trainer was also very cool but the trainer favorited the legendary pokemon and let the others fight. Gore & Death warning. Cover by UniBrine (me). Help with writing from Rei the goat & Alvarykoke on discord.

  • Handcuffed to the Vanoss Crew [DISCONTINUED?]
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    What happens when (Y/N) (L/N) and the 'Vanoss Crew' get in a fight at school? What are the outcomes of it? You wouldn't think it would be being handcuffed together, right? Warning: Some mild language UPDATES

  • Badass in Love (Vanossgaming x reader)(Completed)
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    I promised not to love again. Not after what happened. I'm known as Vanoss. The leader of the BBS. People say I'm badass. People say I'm scary. I don't really see it but I guess I could be pretty scary at times. Hey I'm known as (Y/N)! I'm running away from some bad people. I have been running for the past 10 years o...

  • Little Game (Pokemon N Harmonia X Reader)
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    (Y/n) has begun her adventure, where her goal is to become champion of the Unova League and fill up the pokedex. However, throughout her journey, she keeps running into a peculiar boy who just can't seem to let her go...

  • Grey Beach (Hajime Hinata x Fem! Reader x Nagito Komaeda)
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    When you're trapped on the tropical Jabberwock Island with 16 other people and are forced to kill one another, not every day is sunny. But... the right company can make even the darkest days slightly brighter. The question is, who will you chose? The lucky student Nagito Komaeda? Or the talentless yet charming Hajime...

  • Self aware!Reader x Danganronpa 2
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    You were the Ultimate Miss-know-it-all because you were always self-aware about what will happen You were playing your favorite game Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair Then all of a sudden you were placed inside of the game and ended up becoming a part of the game What will happen to you?