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  • Missing you
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    Do you want to feel alive? Do you want to just... feel? When you're alone When you're all alone Sadness is your friend And Darkness is an angel These are the stories that I write when I'm missing you. I hope you come back to me. I love you. Copyright 2016 Anime_Geek

  • Eight Billion Thoughts For You
    17.8K 590 46

    Just another very thoughtful girl. * Spreading thoughts since 1996 * (Not all -but almost all - poems are mine). All rights reserved.

  • Self Poetry, 2020: New Beginnings.
    15.7K 626 42

    TW// Self poetry, written by me, for me. Started in 2015, picked up again in 2020. Details my progression, and serves as a time capsule of my teenage years.

  • The art of words.
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    How could I ever tell you what I feel, when my heart beats wild, when my breath starts racing, when I feel dizzy with all these thoughts overflowing, If it wasn't for these words, how could I ever make you feel the rhythm these emotions carry? Poetry is the art of dancing words and all I want to do is dance along. ❤️