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  • Princess of Ruins
    620 27 7

    Rebuilding is always the hardest part. Now that Ganon has been defeated, it is up to Zelda and Link to stitch up the remaining wounds of the past and rebuild Hyrule. However, for Zelda that is not such an easy task. The world she remembers from before is gone, eased away by the bleeding of time, a fact that she must...

  • A Turnabout Tale {Ace Attorney Wattys 2016}
    2.3K 96 5

    A retelling of a classic tale by Charles Dickens, featuring Miles Edgeworth ~Ace Attorney Fanfiction~

  • The Leader
    857 127 7

    Sometimes, it's the duty of a sister to protect her brother.

  • Psychic Aggression {Ace Attorney and Pokemon Wattys 2016} (Complete)
    6.2K 915 65

    The mind is a precious thing. To every person there are multiple goals, multiple evils, and multiple goods. Every person has secrets. The good are no exception to this. Nobody is as they seem. There is a reason for every action. Every person has a story, a motive. The bad are a victim as well. Humans are feeble cr...

  • Linkage
    7.1K 496 35

    "It's not who you know, rather what you know." Three years after the disbandment of Team Galactic... A vigilante goes after the grunts who remain. The Champion is kidnapped. And a conspiracy so earth shattering is born, that it takes two to solve it. ~~~ A Pokémon project set in Sinnoh

  • The Flying Ranger
    2.9K 358 28

    It is one week before the commemoration dinner of a year after Operation Brighton. Officials and Rangers from all over the world are expected to appear. However, Wendy Volara, the famous "Flying Ranger" of Almia disappears. All that is left is a note of resignation. Sven Alba, Wendy's Ranger Partner cannot settle f...

  • A Champion in Disguise [PKMN Wattys 2015 2nd Place Miscellaneous Category]
    9.6K 810 33

    "The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." -Winston Churchill ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Out of all jobs available in any region, being the champion is the most difficult. Why? It involves cunning, skills, politics, and such a patriotically bound spirit that i...