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  • horny ♢ muke ✓
    405K 16.7K 23

    [completed] michaelgclifford: today i don't feel like doing anything michaelgclifford: except you, i'd do you hemmo1996: is there ever a time when you're not trying to get me in bed? - in which michael is a always horny for luke who claims to be straight.

  • punk boy ✖ muke
    202K 21.8K 67

    Luke era novo na escola, e talvez ele não fosse tão punk quanto Michael imaginava.

    Completed   Mature
  • gbf // muke
    101K 4.4K 23

    Luke was willing to go through any obstacle just to have Michael. WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS YOUNGER. DO NOT JUDGE MY CURRENT WRITING OFF OF THIS PLS

  • Lost boy ♡ muke
    55.2K 4K 38

    Highschool!au where good-boy Luke is forced to help bad-boy Michael from being kicked out of school. / a hint of Riverdale!AU / top!Michael © wastedheartmuke, 2018-2019

    Completed   Mature
  • drive ♢ muke ✔️
    330K 19.6K 31

    in which michael sucks at driving and luke is a cop who's constantly pulling him over. bad driver! michael asshole cop! luke - © 2016 | -riptidemuke | all rights reserved.

  • bro ; muke af
    187K 7.8K 30

    "hey, bro." "i'm your boyfriend and you called me bro?" "yeah." in which michael and luke are a couple but apparently according to his teammates, and literally everyone who goes to their school, michael is 'straight'. • copyright © aesthteicalum 2015 [boyxboy] [completed]

  • PCD || Muke ✓
    194K 10.1K 29

    Michael and Luke just can't seem to get a long because Michael couldn't understand how Luke was always horny and Luke couldn't understand why Michael always seemed so sad. *possible triggers in book but not graphic*

  • keep me // muke
    49.2K 2.1K 17

    Michael has a limited time to save his marriage before Luke has had enough

  • the boss ➟ muke ✓
    243K 13K 43

    in which michael's boss has a thing for michael along with everyone else in the office. or, "when were you planning on telling me that i was just another one of your little whores?" "never, because you're more to me than just another whore- ah, fuck, that came out wrong." © 2015 by nightskymuke All Rights Reserved...

    Completed   Mature
  • space :: muke
    28.9K 900 21

    luke texts michael everyday, waiting for him to answer. or in which michaels famous but to luke he's a lover who left him in the dust and luke doesn't do anything but texts him hoping for him to answer. (triggering)

  • roommates ♢ muke ✔️
    703K 33.7K 30

    "top or bottom?" "ex-excuse me?" "do you want the top bunk or bottom bunk?" in which luke has a dirty mind as well as a crush on his roommate. tops!michael bottoms!luke - © 2016 | -riptidemuke | all rights reserved.

  • jerk irl \ muke
    288K 17.2K 29

    the one with the modern-day secret admirer and the unknown sexual tension.

    Completed   Mature
  • For Him ~ Muke ~
    239K 12K 77

    hemmo1996: I'm gay bb.pikachu: congrats heres ur medal ~ Copyright © lukeisgirly_muke Cover by: savethefringe

    Completed   Mature
  • You & I~Muke
    220K 8K 77

    "You were his life line, when he was drowning in this world, and you let go," Or; The one about Michael, the quiet, painfully shy boy who stutters when he speaks and has just moved to Sydney High School, and Luke, the popular punk boy, who just wants to help him. * started 28.09.15:)-finished March 18! ; There are s...

  • Kitten / Muke
    414K 16.5K 46

    The one where Luke likes to call Michael 'Kitten.' or Punk!Luke finds feminine!Michael cute as a kitten. cover done by me

  • baby ::muke
    220K 8.6K 26

    luke may look heartless but he sure does love his baby. fem/girly!mikey punk!luke

  • fuckboy ♢ muke ✔️
    426K 23.2K 36

    [completed] in which michael finds himself falling for the schools biggest fuckboy. awkward! michael fuckboy! luke - © 2016 | -riptidemuke | all rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates » Muke AU
    297K 27.7K 56

    En dónde un torpe y virgen Luke se enamora de un chico que prefiere morir que estar en una relación oficial con él. © eliza | terrormuke 2015

  • Gone / Muke
    32.2K 1.6K 26

    michael loves pizza, michael loves alcohol, michael loves parties, and most of all, michael loves luke. and then he was gone and it was michael's fault. trigger warning; violence; both mental and physical, cover done by me

  • new boy // muke
    420K 10.4K 160

    Michael wants to love, and Luke wants to be loved THIS IS A ONE SENTENCE CHAPTER KINDA BOOK. please do not leave a comment saying you hate these kind of stories because ITs UnNecEssARy aND rOOd, and if I get one more comment or message about it, I will find you, and I will throw you through a wall (: thx