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  • In Our Darkest Hour
    1.6K 58 2

    "Oh, I'm sorry Agent Carter...not everyone's cut out for Hollywood." Those were the last words Peggy Carter heard before she was forced off the platform. The drop felt like an eternity. the seconds passing as if they were hours. But the bottom of the buiding came and she fell on concrete cinder blocks with rebars jutt...

  • Tough Love
    53 4 2

    Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa are college students, young and in love. Summer has just started and the two decide to celebrate and leave campus on his motorcycle. What could possibly go wrong....?

  • Bad Romance
    383 34 12

    Peggy is a young, new, college professor starting her first day on the job. Daniel is a new student starting fresh at the University. The two meet at a party not knowing anything about each other. What will happen when a one night stand turns to be a secret love affair between a teacher and student... Note: There's no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Agent Carter: Peggy & Daniel One Shots
    1.2K 22 10

    Marvels Agent Carter fanfic: Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa one shots from Series 1/2. I don't own the characters and some of the events that occur in this work. All credit to Agent Carter creators. Events from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD are mentioned. I do not own these events or storyline. Credit to Agents of SHIELD...

  • La Vie de L'amour
    20.5K 642 64

    Peggysous one shots. Filling the hole in your heart since 2016. Rated PG; no smut, very little language.

  • New Years Series
    5.4K 268 31

    As the New Year starts, so does a new year without Agent Carter being renewed. We can all hope for Disney plus to pick it back up, but it is not likely. So, here is a new series of one shots, hopefully everyday, for 2020.

  • Agent Carter Series: Discovering True Love
    620 31 7

    This series follows the events of the Agent Carter show with Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers in an unhappy relationship. Little does Peggy know her right partner is closer than she thinks...Daniel Sousa may be her true love, but Steve Rogers has a hard time accepting that truth.

  • SSR Confidential Requests
    393 27 4

    A bunch of ideas and prompts requested and given from the SSR confidential anonymous writing contest. This heavily features random one shots of peggysous and Peggy, Daniel, and Jack friendship. Thank you @justanotherghostwriter for all the ideas, I hope you like the stories!

  • Agent Carter An AU Series
    3.6K 95 18

    WWII is over and Peggy Carter is pregnant(By Rogers)(I am anti steggy so this is not about them) and she moves into a new apartment complex and her neighbor is Daniel Sousa. Colleen is her roommate who is there to help her out when she can, but isn't always there. This is set to compliment seasons one of the Agent Ca...

  • Peggy and Daniel just being happy ever after and that's amazing
    9.1K 253 19

    Just some Peggysous moments that I made up and wrote down, no problems, just Peggy and daniel loving each other ;) I'm tired of stories going bad so let's write one that will go perfectly well! :D Nothing very useful I grant you that, but very funny to write and I hope to read ;) Sorry to all my french compatriots, bu...

  • Abduction
    4.4K 121 14

    Peggy and Daniel have been married for a year now. They have a beautiful bay girl, Elizabeth D. Sousa. But Dottie Underwood shows up and takes the baby away. Peggy, of course, goes after her with Daniel at her side. Will they get Elizabeth back, alive and healthy? Whilst making it out in one piece?

  • The Choice
    3.6K 140 11

    This is set after Avengers Endgame. Peggy Carter must make the decision of her life when choosing between two men, who have not only impacted her life, but love her. Who will she choose? Her past or her future... Note/Warning: This is a peggysous fic, not steggy. Please don't hate or comment unnecessarily. Thank you.

  • Peggysous Collection
    10K 445 11

    Here is where I will post my random little peggysous fanfictions. Please feel free to send in a suggestion!! Enjoy!!

  • Together: you and me.
    4K 127 7

    Peggy Carter had seen many things in her life. Some were horrific and some were extraordinary. The one thing that has remained the same since her life was turned upside down was a man named Daniel Sousa. He had always been with her. The soft look in his warm, wise eyes tell her all she needs to know: together, you and...

  • The Vehement [ON HOLD]
    5.3K 241 19