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  • Epiphany
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    A collection of deep thoughts.

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    "Please help him, please you have to do something or he's going to die" she pleaded still tugging at the restraints. Narrowing his eyes at Jake he arched a brow turning to face her. "For someone you just met, you seem awfully fond of him" if she didn't know any better she'd think he was jealous. Freeing her from the...

  • Fatal Alliances
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    "Look, if you're-" "Shut up." I was taken back at the sudden manner in which he spoke to me. "Let's get something straight Miss Greene, I don't appreciate people talking back at me. And quite frankly, you're crossing your limit with me and my patience with you. So from now on, as long as you're with me you'll do as I...

  • The Tales Of Epiphany
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    There is always a little truth in a lie and a little lie in a truth. Though the truth is never easily said and the lie never easily heard. Adanna a young African girl who battles for the truth only to discover the black in white. A bipolar father,psycopathic Aunt,drug addict for a brother Guess shit really does happe...