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  • Inlove With A Spirit (NaJ! PJ x Reader)
    8.9K 236 31

    A little warning before continuing- This story may contain; Bad words Suicide Self-harm The suicide may only happen in one chapter. Bad words may be in all chapters. Self-harm will only happen in a few chapters. Do not continue if you feel uncomfortable, Thank you. Peace out Dreamers! ^^

  • Au Sans x Reader oneshots (DISCONTINUED)
    81.8K 1.1K 20

    This book is discontinued for now since I'm middle of doing another oneshot book and into something else. So hopefully I can come back to this book.

  • Sans AU X Reader One-shots
    47.3K 525 18

    The title says all so uhh let's get into the story! Oh and this is my second book so sorry if it was too crappy! Anyway! Enjoy!

  • Bonded Together || Cross Chara X Reader ||
    8.1K 143 5

    After a reset Cross Chara finds himself away from his soul partner Cross, after some time in the bushes a teenage girl named (Y/n) ends up finding him, although slightly frightened and majorly confused the (H/c) takes him in, albeit she doesn't really have a choice.

  • INK!Sans X Reader
    2.3K 44 6

    The title says it all

  • Say you Won't Let go [Cross!Chara x Reader]
    518 17 1

    Your Y/N A Lost girl In a Field of Flowers Waiting for help But You Decide to Take a nap under a Tree As you Woke up You Found Yourself in a Void As A White Haired With a Black shirt and Shorts With white Boots Monochrome Boy With a Large Knife who Seemed to be about 12 (Custom age) Gave You a Stare Both with Death a...

  • Tall Tales - An Ink Sans x Reader Story
    134K 3.7K 26

    Orphaned. Left alone, the definition of it. Like a fantasy, or a dream, saved by a being willing enough to take you under their wing and keep you safe. With secrets to be shared, stories to be told, the months pass by as you trade your lives. Given warmth, Given care, Given love. But so insignificant is your life co...

  • Small (small reader x au sans)
    93K 2.2K 14

    You are brought to a strange void and you are greeted by nice people...err skeletons, But guess what? You are TINY!

  • New Souls (Cross Sans X Reader)
    104K 2.4K 23

    You are a somewhat normal girl that explores with your friend, you are a secretary person until you meet a dashing skeleton by the name of Cross but one thing still remands on your mind, why do you exist if you have no soul? This fanfic will have an abused and depressed reader in it, so if you are sensitive to those...

  • ♡Fangirl♡ (Error x Reader)
    31K 1.2K 18

    (The first few chapters are in 1st person POV [ew], the story progressively gets better once you make it past those. I'll rewrite it soon) You were just an average Error sans fangirl. You were a little obsessed with him and didn't have many friends. You were bullied and lonely, but for the most part you didn't care. Y...

  • .. The new au .. Sans AU x female AU reader
    141K 3K 31

    Ink has made a new au... Being tale where every one of the aus for a character is in one, for you though. You're sans, but What happens when ink finally lets you meet the other true sans aus which you where made from? And what new power do you have, that the other sans don't, and how will it affect you? Read to fi...

  • UNDERLOVE[Female Chara x Male Reader]
    87.2K 712 14

    The last thing you see is yourself tripping and falling and falling. Probably shouldn't have ran to Mount Ebott or maybe just maybe it was meant to be. Now it's time to make a choice. Completed

  • Creative Love (Ink Sans x Reader)
    11.2K 299 11

    You have know Ink since well, since forever! You were dropped off with Ink when you were young. He became your only friend. You had found out that you were supposed to help Ink protect the AU's and so you did, little did you know that you soon fell in love with him. Will you tell him? Or keep it to yourself? Read this...

  • The Surface [Male Reader x Female Chara]
    86.1K 816 12

    "Monsters are free". You find that on every news channel. You hear everyone talk about it. "Monsters freed with the help of a human" He always takes his anger on you, he hits you and treats you like a slave. But on that very day when monsters make peace with humans, your life changes.

  • one room (cross sans x reader)
    603 16 2

    your au is one room, only you. but how did he get here? (not my art)

  • Creators' Love (Ink!Sans X Inktale!Reader) Wattys2017!
    69.6K 1.5K 36

    You were battling your 'glitching' rival when a portal takes you somewhere. You met someone that will stay in your colorful heart. Note: My Horrortale story has been discontinued for a long time and I had to make another story,motivated by the Ink X Reader stories, I've decided to make one. So enjoy my story! Updatin...

  • Ran into You (Ink!Sans X Reader)
    90.1K 3K 20

    -Starts with UnderSwap- You were at home with Chara, enjoying a regular day. Since you'd gotten to the Underground, you'd become close friends with many monsters, even if your soul was what was needed to free them. You were about to eat dinner with your friends when disaster whisks you away from your home and into a...

  • A Different Type of Joy (Dream!Sans × Female!Reader){BEING REWRITTEN}
    3.7K 139 12

    So i decided to create this story because i haven't found any really good DreamxReader stories so i decided to create this.

  • A True Pacifist (Male Reader x Female Frisk)
    251K 3.2K 18

    Mt. Ebbot. The mountain having more questions than answers. They say that those who enter are never seen again. We'll just have to see about that when you and your best friend Frisk enter the mysterious mountain, not by choice, but by accident. This should go well. Also, like many others, it's late and I'm bored.