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  • Flames (Book 3)
    58.6K 7.8K 52

    Once on Rhena, Viviana and the Glitches meet new allies...and enemies. Tension in the palace grows as the tyrannous Queen Saralee does everything in her power to prevent her daughter's marriage. A three sided battle is coming, and it will shake the very foundations of the Empire. The future belongs to good or ev...

  • Games of Chance
    6.8K 682 67

    Chase "Numbers" Hewkin is the textbook definition of a high school loser: hopelessly introverted, a genius at math, and fanboy-obsessed with Juliana VanderSchee, the teenage crown princess of the tiny European country of Arcana and a fellow math prodigy. What distinguishes him from the rest of the geeks in the world i...