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  • The Four Winds
    681 127 12

    What if you come across a box said to contain an immense, horrifying power? Would you open it? And how would you wield that power? Ten years after the Third Tech Bubble, the Western world remains in shambles. For an ex-convict like Alberto, life after prison is an uphill battle. All that changes when a mysterious woma...

  • Dreamcatcher (ONC 2020 Shortlist | Honorable Mention) ✔
    5.4K 892 19

    ❖ ''We're at six thousand feet, Cap'n. There shouldn't be land at six thousand feet.'' ❖ Rav is apprenticed by his father's wishes on an airship as unsettling as the deliveries it makes. The Dreamcatcher's owner is the only captain on the continent who will sail any cargo through any part of the sky. Even parts nobody...

  • The Reneged
    258 42 14

    Ignorance is bliss within the walls of the Inner City; outside them, is a reality much more in turmoil. New breakthroughs in technology have accelerated modern society for the benefit of those with deep pockets; whilst those of humble backgrounds have been picking up the scraps. Stuck between this divide however, is...

  • Into Shadows and Escaping Ash ✔️
    22.5K 2.9K 58

    The earth is careening straight down the tracks to hell and the humans are at fault. Trapped in the dungeons of an ancient burial grounds and tortured to the brink of insanity, the God and Goddess of balance have been separated, unleashing a terrible and chaotic apocalypse on the world. 96 years later, Iridian breaks...