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  • The Rejects of Richmond University | editing
    378K 22.2K 75

    Brenda wanted a normal school year. Instead her mom died. Salma needed space from her sister and terrible ex. Or else she'd lose her mind. Delilah didn't think she'd have any more problems after moving far from her hometown. That was until she became homeless on the first week of classes. In the heart of Texas, six co...

  • Say You Won't Let Go
    1.6M 32K 26

    ***AVAILABLE AS A PAPERBACK ON AMAZON*** Warning: More than half the chapters are taken down due to a copyright agreement with the published Amazon version. Alexa Parker is your typical high school golden girl. But when her best friend commits suicide, she loses everything, including herself. Left with nothing but an...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Locker Exchange
    26.5M 1M 71

    The Locker Exchange is becoming a film and will be adapted by Wattpad WEBTOON Studios and Leone Film Group. Stay tuned for updates! ***** The Locker Exchange is now published as a Paperback and E-book by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Wattpad Original Edition and Wattpad Books Published Ed...

  • The Marauders: Year Four
    4.4M 206K 154

    From the moment they step onto the Hogwarts Express, the Marauder's Fourth Year at Hogwarts is explosive. Laced with friendship, love, hate, and all the emotions in between, the mysterious, adventure filled year may be the one that changes everything - at least, that's the promise of the new divination teacher...