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  • Bump, Set, Kick?
    38.1K 1.6K 17

    Ryeji high school/ sports au Hwang Yeji, a popular senior volleyball player, is trying to do all she can in her last year of high school. Not only is she captain of the volleyball team, but she's also the student body president. She's friends with basically everyone in the school, but only close to a few. All these ex...

  • Managing you || Ryeji
    239K 10.8K 59

    Shin Ryujin is a successful solo artist, best known in her home country, South Korea. Hwang Yeji is her new manager, who happens to also be Ryujin's ex girlfriend.

  • Shut Up And Kiss Me (gxg)
    144K 7.2K 39

    Talia Decker is sixteen, starting her junior year of high school. Popular, outgoing, and seemingly confident, she is wholly unprepared for the wildfire that is the new girl: Monroe Kingston. Dark, mysterious, and cocky, Monroe is everything Talia hates about the bad girl cliché. Determined to stay far, far away from...

  • Trying For You
    399K 32K 59

    The Matthews Series Book #1 - The Friendly Bean Book #2 - Taming River Book #3 - Trying For You Book #4 - There's This Girl... Rilee Matthews came home after finishing college to take over her grandmom's now flourishing photography business. Her return to Crestview doesn't go like she planned after a brief encount...

    Completed   Mature
    13.7K 654 18

    What can you do for love? What if the person you love the most, that you made her your world, committed a sin that could not be forgiven? What if you realize that the person you chose to hurt is the only one you need, but it's already too late? What will happen if the person you waited for too long came back, but alr...

  • The game is on
    7.8K 251 7

    AU Korrasami with Footballplayer!Korra & Cheerleader!Asami, plus some oc's Korra is the female quarterback and Asami is the head cheerleader Asami have a small crush but will Korra ever find out

    Completed   Mature
  • My Annoying Classmate
    118K 5.9K 10

    In which Lisa can't stop to annoy Jennie throughout all the years they've been classmates.

  • Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic) ✨ [COMPLETED]
    732K 19.7K 38

    "You're my one and only." "He's Kai, my friend." "I love you, Lisa." Lies. 'What does it take to make you tell me the Truth, Jennie?' WARNING ⚠️: SENSITIVE CONTENTS AHEAD. PLEASE DON'T READ IF YOU HAVE WEAK MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL STATE. THANK YOU! 🖤

  • shake the dust // JENLISA
    202K 10.5K 25

    Jenlisa AU Lisa and Jennie have been married for eight years, but things between them become strained and uncomfortable. They can barely stand each other, and so after a passionate argument, Lisa decides to leave. But then she stumbles upon a famous marriage counselor, and decides that maybe they should at least try t...

  • ♡ Jenlisa Film (AU) ♡
    9.7K 289 26

    Jenlisa on Youtube. This is an AU which means it is different from their normal lives. However the characters and supporting characters are somewhat similar to the people in real life. I wrote not to disrespect but to support. I love every people that is in this story. I support all of them. (Currently fixing any gra...

  • Dance Till I Die (gxg) ✓
    149K 8.1K 25

    "I was ordered to kill you." 21 year old Mavis Griffon is a stripper for the Inferno night club when one night, a woman in a silver dress walks in. Calm, deadly, and a knockout blonde. There is something alluring about her, something intoxicating in the way she pulls out her gun and aims it at Mavis with words that w...

  • The Outcast
    52.6K 3.7K 38

    Abel Mitchell is a very...strange individual. She lacks every bit of social skills. No one could blame her, she didn't know what it meant to be normal. She was different from everyone else, most called her a 'freak', others a "disappointment", and ever since since was young she been cast aside and labeled as an outcas...

  • Break Down My Walls
    73.8K 4.9K 27

    Hope, fresh out of a rough, taxing relationship, is less than pleased to hear Jill Ellis's plan to bring in a new rookie at the start of the 2019 season. With the world cup on the line, the goalie took nothing lightly, especially not Y/n's goofy behavior and childlike demeanor. But, maybe it's just what she needs to...

  • Jemily G!P one shots
    21.4K 328 22

    Elle and Reid read through Emily's conversation with JJ. Reid immediately regrets it. Now a series of G!P Emily ONE-SHOTS some of the G!P will be JJ also...

  • no body no crime
    17.3K 780 10

    "Kiss me." "I think I'll pass." Before I could say anything else, her hands grabbed my hips and slammed my back against the wall. And her lips found mine. ------------------------------ When Jo Anderson stumbles into a secret Mafia meeting in one of New York's many bars, she quickly discovers there is something specia...

  • Battleground | Criminal Minds (gxg)
    44.1K 2.3K 39

    Blood and Battle: Book 2 /// Elle is gone. She left the BAU, the FBI, and Carli D'angelo in a pile of ruins. Running from the demons she can't control, she flees to New York and the only sense of familiarity she manages to scrounge up. Carli is lost. Her reason to fight has quit the battle, leaving her without directi...

  • It's Not Illegal. It's Love (GirlXGirl) (TeacherXStudent)
    735K 2K 5

    It has always been a fantasy of Casey Hawthorne's to have a heated love affair with one of her university lecturers. Partly because she is attracted to older women and partly because she simply finds the whole teacher/student dynamic to be exceedingly alluring. Now, at eighteen and just beginning university with her b...

    Completed   Mature
  • korvirasami oneshots
    563 29 6

    This is a one-shot book for Korrasami, Kuvirasami, Korvira, Korvirasami and maybe even some Opalvira and Korpal.

  • Lion And The Snake (HermionexFemaleOC)
    232K 10.8K 46

    Hexal Toor, an expelled student from Ilvermorny, is transferred to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin. Trying to adjust to a new life at Hogwarts and forming a Slytherin reputation, a certain brunette Gryffindor catches her eye and makes her question everything they are trying to become. Can the brightest witch of...

  • Slumber Party
    26.7K 1.1K 4

    Mei is a stereotypical nerd girl, and proud of it. She loves to play the piano and excels at school. The perfect daughter to her parents. Except, for one minor detail - she's 100% a closeted lesbian. Enter Amber, the cheerleader queen bee of the new high school Mei's attending for her senior year. To Mei, she seems li...

  • Top Bunk
    429K 20.5K 33

    A BUNCH OF STUFF ELIZABETH ("please for the love of god call me El") THROPP DOESN'T EXPECT: 1. Her mom signing her up to be a counselor at her old summer camp ("I don't care if it's for extra credit, mom!"). 2. That children are this annoying ("no, you can't have another stupid cookie"). 3. Sharing a cabin with Grac...

    Completed   Mature
  • Almost Lovers ◇Lydia Martin◇
    74.1K 1.6K 17

    ***COVER DONE BY THE AMAZING @argentsvogue*** Izzy Geyer likes girls, everyone knows that. Lydia Martin thinks she is straight, that is until she meets Izzy [AU: NO SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES] !!!!!!All rights go to Jeff Davis I don't own anything but Izzy, Miles, and Carson!!!!!! Social Media

  • The Other Rogers | Natasha Romanoff
    646K 22.5K 62

    When we first kissed it set my body on fire and I knew we had a connection. From the first moment you stopped me from walking out of SHIELD I knew you were different. When you first cocked your gun at me in the alleyway I knew you were going to be the death of me. When you first walked into my apartment trying to find...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Wolf ; Yennefer x Y/n
    87.5K 3.6K 27

    G!pReader Cursed from a young age you seek the help of a mage who in turn needs something from you. Both of you embark on the long and grueling adventure so that she may harvest a dragons heart. Back in Treagon a war was brewing with the elves. Who their enemy was nobody knew. You and your brother Geralt were seeming...

  • Homesick (Lesbian)
    4.7K 364 12

    After having her life shattered, Faye Burton moves to New York to pursue her long life dream of having her own solo exhibition, while trying to find out who she is outside the people who have always surrounded her. As she makes a new life for herself in a completely different city with completely new people, she is fo...

  • Dear No One (Girlxgirl)(Lesbian Story)(EDITIING)
    398K 18.4K 27

    For this one I got inspiration from a song called "Dear No One" by the lovely Tori Kelly (She is freaking ahmazing). Now on with the summary: Wren (pronounced Ren) Michaelson is not the type to just spew her feelings on anyone she comes in contact with. She is used to just bottling them up until she just can't take i...

  • The Eyes You See at Night
    67.9K 2.6K 51

    Riley Scott; the antonym to popular, attractive, or athletic. To the school she's the orphan, the weirdo, the quiet kid. At home she's, niece, sweetie, Riley. In another life, she's the newbie and the girl who broke the chains. In another life, she's family... For all of Riley's life, she's never belonged. Highschool...

    Completed   Mature
  • Soccer Meet Cheer
    5K 142 35

    Alexandra Williams, the stereotypical popular jock who is too loud in the hallways and too attractive for her own good. Parents love her, students love her, grandparents love her, even babies love her. She's charismatic and has a laugh so contagious people can't help but chuckle with her. She's the captain of the socc...

  • When the Violin Sings
    2.9K 277 43

    [LGBTQ+ New Adult Fiction] On the evening of October 8th, violinist and college student Noel Miller is murdered in a mysterious explosion. The primary suspect? Her girlfriend and fellow music student, Riley Davis, who was the first on the scene of the crime. Additional suspects include third-year soccer star, Lucia (...