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  • Loud House: Mutant World
    50.9K 528 19

    When lisa invents and activates a nuclear fusion bomb, it unleashed a devastating explosion throughout the entire world. Years have passed since the explosion and the world of humans was gone and ruined, full of mutated beings. Now living in a post apocalyptic world and his sisters lost and mutated in this ruined eart...

  • The loud symbiotes (a loud house x marvel crossover)
    98.2K 863 47

    When a space rock crash lands in the loud family's backyard, Lisa loud began to run some tests on it. disaster struck as the space rock cracks open and an alien slime called a symbiote crawled out and quickly merged with lisa. However, it didn't stop there as six symbiotes crawled out and lashed out at Lori, Luna, Lyn...