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  • The World has Shifted ❂ Descendants ¹
    6K 234 19

    ||Book 1 in the See the Light Series|| *** "You're not monsters. There's good in you. I've always seen it." *** It's Rylee Fitzherbert's sophomore year at Auradon Prep and she couldn't be happier. This is the year she and her best friend, Morgan Macintosh, were able to play on the Tourney Team and they're excited to s...

  • Where We're Meant to Be ❂ Descendants ²
    15K 500 26

    |Book 2 in the See the Light Series| *** "Just because your parents aren't villains doesn't mean you can't be one." *** Five months after the Coronation of King Ben, everyone has been adapting to their new lives. Evie has her own business, Carlos and Jay joined the Swords and Shields Team, Mal is helping Ben run Aurad...

  • At Last I See the Light ❂ Descendants ³
    2.2K 107 18

    |Book 3 in the See the Light Series| *** "Was any of it real? Or were you playing me the entire time?" *** After their adventure on the Isle, Rylee and Morgan are back in Auardon with their crew. Unlike Morgan and their friends, Rylee hasn't been able to easily adjust back to life in Auradon. No matter how hard she tr...