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  • Stars
    924 112 9

    Why hello there! Based off my one shot (dat I have not yet published because it's not done) Stars so um ARALEYN!

  • Lost In Her Eyes
    1.1K 117 17

    I told myself I didn't need another one to be happy- but guess what? I need another one to be happy :)

  • Lost (Parrlyn)
    4.2K 728 25

    Ever since Henry had left Catherine Parr, she had been left penniless and broken, with no friends or family left that cared about her or wanted her. Then she met Anne Boleyn, the woman that brought happiness back into her life, and had graciously welcomed her into her family, showing Cathy life at a new angle. After...

  • SiX The Musical Group Chat
    1.6K 62 5

    Kids are included!

  • Hidden
    4.4K 248 12

    A modern SiX The Musical AU. "She'll never love me. It's impossible, I know it is!" Katherine Howard was fairly popular amongst the crowd at her school. At first, Catherine Parr saw her as nothing but a friend. Just another person she could talk to. But then, something changed in her. All of her attention was on...

  • Queens In The 21st Century (SiX The Musical)
    15K 418 13

    The six wives of Henry VIII have been reincarnated, how will they handle the modern life? Divorced, beheaded, LIVE

  • Six The Musical One-Shots
    26.8K 1.3K 51

    The title really just explains it. I will not write smut in this book. I will do character x character, but not reader x character. Hope you enjoy. This will be written similarly to how I wrote my other books, but I can and will do character point of views if you so wish.

  • Horrible Histories Memes
    569 58 15

    With some Bill and Ghosts hehe

  • [Ocean Eyes] | A MomoJirou story|
    14.2K 276 8

    "You really know how to make me cry When you gimme those ocean eyes" **ANGST WARNING**

  • What If I Love You
    6.8K 171 20

    Class 1-A is in their last Year of UA highschool. (shinsou is in the place of m*neta) kyoka jirou is best friends with Momo Yaoyorozu. they are so close that they call each other with their Birth Names. but what if jirou catches feelings for the Princess.. also jirou plays in a band called 'kyoto' she is the lead Sin...

  • Helluva Boss x Reader Oneshots (COMPLETE!!)
    157K 2.4K 61

    ════•°•All slots for this book are filled. Therefore, requests are CLOSED.•°•════ Be it male or female reader, you are the 4th employee to be hired by the over energetic (and full of himself) Blitzø. Assassinations aside, there's always time for a little romance outside office hours. Fair warning, this book will conta...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moments Like These
    1.6K 140 28

    As the cover says, this is a spin off of What Would I Do Without You? This is what would've happened if Anne died of being shot in the stomach. How would our poor, innocent Catherine Parr cope? And who will she be confiding in? Will it be Miss Seymour, the kind and loving figure we've all grown to respect? Or will the...

  • Home (Lams Modern AU)
    1M 44.7K 34

    Alexander Hamilton has recently been accepted into King's College, and he's scared. He's never had friends growing up, and has too much to say at once. But will his overly energetic room mate change his views of the future ahead of him?

  • Words (Lams Soulmate AU)
    102K 5.2K 76

    Anything you write on your arm appears on your soulmates arm. It's cute...right? Trigger Colors - 🔴 - blood 🟠 - sex 🟡 - fighting 🟢 - self harm 🔵 - suicide 🟣 - rape ⚫️ - abuse

  • A Million Things - Lams ✔️
    35.2K 1.8K 40

    *LAMS COLLEGE AU* "Um...hi," the man said as he closed the book on his legs. He sat up and stretched as he continued speaking. "You must be Alexander. My name is John Laurens." Alexander watched John in silence until he finally cleared his throat. "Y-yeah! That would be me!" he sputtered out. John stood up and walked...

    Completed   Mature