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  • Ethereal | RJ (HSMTMTS)
    8.3K 329 13

    (Completed) Set in 2003, Ricky Bowen's dad takes a summer job in the town of Stale, B.C. There, Ricky meets EJ Caswell, a boy who changes his perception of love in a time when the views of society are changing with them. Based on Disney's High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. PG-13. Some coarse language. Homo...

  • Ever | Tyrus
    10.9K 465 4

    (Completed) Cyrus has yet to come out to TJ, but his friends are starting to notice the chemistry between the two boys. What will they do when they realize that the boys are both absolutely smitten for each other? "Don't read this in class unless you wanna be known as the kid who squeals all the time." -The New York F...

  • Us In Red | Gini
    21.4K 717 15

    (Completed) She's Nini's best friend's sister. But Nini has a boyfriend. So why can't Nini get this girl out of her head? Although Nini has spent much of her free time at her best friend, Kourtney's, house, she never interacted much with Kourtney's younger sister, Gina, who mostly kept to herself. However, when Kourtn...

  • Formally | Ambi
    18.1K 730 14

    (Completed) "Okay, Bambi. You can have anything you want." "I just want you." Amber has had a crush on Andi for a while, but Andi is completely clueless. Now Andi wants Amber's help asking another person to the dance. When Andi succeeds, she realizes she might be at the dance with the wrong person. But it may be too l...

  • Honey | Gini
    14.5K 473 10

    (Completed) To celebrate the start of summer, the East High drama club goes to the Caswells' cabin for a bonding trip in the woods. While there, a scavenger hunt pairs Gina Porter and Nini Salazar-Roberts together, leading them to get closer than they ever thought they would. Based on Disney's High School Musical: Th...

  • Only Little | Tyrus
    7.5K 585 12

    (Completed) When TJ Kippen moves back to Shadyside after a long time of being gone, he finds his childhood best friend, Cyrus Goodman. Naturally, they start to talk, but TJ's mom doesn't want TJ and Cyrus being friends again, and neither of the boys know why. <3 I'm a sucker for forbidden romances. Based on Disne...