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  • Our Fresh Start - AU Lapidot Story
    3.3K 106 16

    This is a sequel to "My Only Love", Lapidot story. it's been a long time. And by a long time, I mean a few months pass by in a blink of an eye. In this book we're going to visit our old crew, and maybe even new people. A new set of adventures, and problems are bound to happen, and a whole lot of drama to uncover. •St...

  • My Only Love - A Human Lapidot Story (Complete)
    30.1K 892 37

    a sweet and dramatic story about how Peridot and Lapis came together and became close. Peridot not having many friends, is a nerd, rich, awkward, and not very social somehow ends up meeting Lapis who is the opposite of Peridot. read and find out how these two end up in the end. ••Updates on story might take longer du...

    Completed   Mature