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    1.4K 133 2

    Ares Deimos was a lost boy after his family died. He felt like he had no purpose in life. But after a night of being held hostage with other students and the murder of his girlfriend, he was in for a big reality check. Now attending the school he earned a scholarship from, Ares has to deal with the evil versions of St...

  • Shadowbrook: Once Hungry, Twice Bitten (Slowly Editing)
    17.5K 3.4K 66

    If you like mystery and solitude, then Shadowbrook is the town for you. One rule, don't stay out after dark. Oh, and try not to get bitten. Erika Smith is a shy girl diagnosed with cancer, only to have her world changed as she wakes up in a strange town. What she doesn't know is that Shadowbrook isn't like any ordi...

  • Mortal
    462 108 31

    In a world ruled by deities, anyone lesser is treated as an animal. As a human, young Shadow understands this reality all too well. Having been a mortal servant since she was a toddler, she has little experience with what a family is supposed to be like. At the age of eleven, Shadow is given to two gods who share her...

  • Iris
    957 213 45

    Iris has had a difficult life, running from her past and living like a nomad. she is not a regular wolf. She curses the Moon goddess for the gifts she possesses. the ability to heal others at least that is what she tells herself and best friend Aria. she wants nothing to do with being a wolf. She barely shifts, does n...

  • Lace
    8.7K 739 34

    All it took was one wrong turn and Lacey had her whole life ripped out of her by the hands of the God of darkness himself. ** Extract: " The door squeaked open with blinding light shooting from it's gape. I was blinded for a few moments while my eyes tried to adjust to the light. Through my blurred vision, I could s...

  • The Two Alphas of Rosewood Creek
    1.4K 248 14

    Remy is the new kid at school in the small town of Rosewood Creek. He thought his life would finally be normal, however, Rosewood High School had other plans in store for him. His quiet life is quickly changed to navigating the chaotic world of going to school with two rival werewolf packs. Not only does he discover...

  • Moments to live
    549 119 17

    Have you always thought you wanted to try a different story? Wanted to try different storyline, which will be different from bad boy or good girl? Then this book is for you! This book contains problems which usually a teenager have to face nowadays like lack of self confidence, bullying and etc. So what are you waitin...

  • Kepler-168F ✔️
    3.2K 116 4

    Worldwide nuclear warfare decimated the Earth in 2045. Shortly after the destruction, The Council emerged. They proposed one solution: send the most valuable survivors to Kepler-168F, a planet with similar conditions to Earth. At eighteen, Etta Parker became one of the Chosen. Her ruthlessness and cunning were unmatc...

  • Eyes backward, stepping forward
    4.7K 1.9K 13

    One dreadful night was all it took to turn Ashley's life a hundred and eighty degrees. It never occurred to her that she would have to leave her beloved town, but unfortunately, there was no other choice. She moved towns with her mother to turn over a new leaf and start fresh and was welcomed by her neighbor. A grey...

  • Mafia Servant
    8.7K 215 62

    I'm Elizabeth Vivere. Nineteen and in my prime. But here I am, hacking into powerful Mafia families. Literally, knocking Death's doors on a daily basis. For my most recent job, I hacked into the Mietitore family. The most powerful one in our city, the Hollow. I thought the day I saw Angelo Mietitore, was the day he s...

  • The Subtle Art of Optimism
    160 46 5

    We try to become like them, but in this whole process we often forget who we are. Self love, self motivation, confidence and love. We need it all. This is a book that will teach you the subtle art of optimism. Feeling low is normal one must come up from that low feeling. Come along and float in the seas of optimism...