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  • Obscene
    2.2M 68.5K 48

    The Slytherin Clique's teens are just as ruthless. Just as close. Just as. But what happens when things soon start to unravel? [Post-War Children] + INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES + SPIN-OFF TO Filthy ; Draco Malfoy NOT a Draco Malfoy Fanfic

  • Wild Things | Remus Lupin
    2.1M 96.5K 107

    Nora Weasley expected many things from her final year at Hogwarts- parties, studying, placing bets on how the new Defence professor would leave at the end of the year. She didn't expect said Professor to be a familiar face or to find herself wishing she'd never have to see him leave. prisoner of Azkaban - golden tri...

    494K 5.9K 17

    one shots! smut, fluff, angst. requests are always open :). i'll do any HP character!