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  • A New Hero
    20.1K 266 10

    My hero academia x male reader Quirk: Rage Quirk info: Only when you are angry you get superhuman strength and invincibility but when you are calm you have no powers if somebody makes you mad enough you could even surpass all might at 100 percent Name- y/n Last name- l/n Eye color- e/c Hair color- h/c Hair length- h/l...

  • Amy Rose x Male!OP!Abused!Hedgehog!Reader
    1.4K 14 4

    Yeah, I promise I'd make it this week, so THATS what I'm GOING to DO! Will add more to description later.

  • The Royal Prince's Adventure (Multiverse Harem x Male Reader
    6.8K 146 28

    K/N (Kingdom Name) is a very popular and well respected kingdom through the Multiverse as it is the most powerful and heavily fortified kingdom of all the multiverse. our story starts with the prince of the kingdom Y/N (Your name) as he goes on a journey to protect the multiverse from a evil villan bent of destroying...

  • Piggy Oneshots (REQUESTS CLOSED)
    457K 3.9K 140

    I allow Character x Reader and Character x Character. The rest of the rules for requests are on the first page. ^^

  • Bnha x op male reader (Bakugo's older brother reader x ???)
    1.9K 23 7

    What if you were dreaming and accidentally got killed by God? What if the dream you were dreaming became your new reality? Well you don't have to imagine follow y/n l/n as he experiences this and more. The first chapter is a poll/character info it will be updated after the poll is over.

  • All For All (Male! Reader x BNHA harem)
    99.2K 1K 9

    I don't own any of these pictures, I only own the story and the plot, and you own yourself. You are the son of all for one, but you don't steal quirks but copy them. You have decided to be a hero and your future seems bright !!!Warning will contain lemons in the future!!!

  • Male Gogeta reader x Highschool Dxd x RWBY
    35.9K 542 11

    A Saiyan that has been locked up under the school of Beacon Academy where gets tortured and treated like a slave by the headmaster and the devils that hes friends with but what happens when two saiyans find the two in the basement and save them.

  • A speedster at UA (speedster male reader x my hero academia)
    6.6K 67 5

    You are the son of Barry Allen the flash and you recently moved to japan and you go to UA high in order to become a hero but a few enemies from your father's past return along with some new ones. A/N: I do not own anything the only thing I own is my ideas

  • A Dragon and Speedsters Sadness (Returned)
    139K 1.5K 38

    A young little girl with blonde hair was abused by her own family. but she isn't the only one. a young boy is being abused himself. so let's see what we get

  • Remnant's Ultimate Saiyan (Male Saiyan Reader x RWBY)
    39.6K 344 13

    What happens here is that DBZ and RWBY are both on Remnant. Enjoy. More info is in the bio.

  • Remnant Legend (RWBY X Male Saiyan Reader)
    2.2K 80 2

    In a world were huntsman and huntresses fight in a never ending war against the creatures of Grimm, a special boy emerges from the wild, having an unknown origin, having to raise himself, he calls himself Y/N L/N

  • Male saiyan x dbz
    4.9K 73 5

    This is a interactive story where you decided what happens next in the story by Commenting.

  • God Of God's (Saiyan Male reader x My Hero Academia)
    23.4K 219 10

    You are Vegeta's adopted son.You were found in the middle of space, frozen and dead.Fortunately Whis was the one to revived you with the help of Bulma.You were violent and deadly but with the help of Vegeta's 'friends' you learn to be a respectful warrior and God.But not on Vegeta's or Goku's level.The Omni-King saw p...

  • The Dream Demon [Hazbin Hotel x Male Bill Cipher Reader]
    8.8K 201 3

    [Y/N] Cipher isn't like other demons. In fact, he- Y/N-"Yo! Shut it and let them find out!" Alright alright. Enjoy the story.

  • Dragon Ball: Generation Saiyan
    29 0 2

    What if the Saiyans listen to Bardock. In this story, King Vegeta actually listens to Bardock sending Raditz, Kakarot, Vegeta and Broly, the baby he spared to Earth. A successful mission gone awry, a dark premonition coming to pass...Just when Frieza arrives to destroy the planet, King Vegeta figures it's too late to...

  • son of Goku (male reader X dbz, DBS
    4.6K 34 9

    y/n son of Goku and Chi chi he is much like his father but smarter (lol) he's going to be strong just like his father

  • Male Saiyan Reader X DBZ/Super Harem
    14.1K 96 4

    This a love story between the girls in the dbz/Super

  • The Squad/The Krew Group Chat!
    6.3K 129 18

    Characters belongs to inquisitormaster & ItsFunneh. Story belongs to meh.

  • son of goku x caulifla
    484 3 9

    I was inpressed by the first so I made mine but differently

  • DRAGON BALL (male reader insert)
    1.1K 28 6

    is just the same dragon ball story just that know the reader is part of it I don't own dragon ball I don't own the caracters they are property of akira toriyama and toei animation

  • Lana x Male Reader
    70 1 1

    It's good

  • Male Reader OP Saiyan X RWBY Harem X DBS Harem
    565K 5.3K 47

    (Y/N) (L/N) is a seventeen-year-old boy who has gone through different abuses by his family and also by his schoolmates but once he meets Ozpin and lets him join Beacon, he'll meet the people who will make him forget his past.... Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY RWBY Is owned by Rooster Teeth

  • Gravity fall's universe(a Steven universe and gravity falls crossover)
    8.9K 234 10

    What happens when Bill accidentally drops dipper and Mabel into a portal to a place called beach city? They enlist the help of Steven universe to get home. All is going well when jasper attacks. But this time she has a new ally. (Note this takes place right after bismuth.) SPOILER WARNING. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU ARE U...

  • (Y/N) Demayo
    6K 130 16

    This fanfiction is about you Steven's cousin who is a eleven years old half gem half human. Wait what? You are a half gem half human. Yes and you are a... The show belongs to Rebecca Sugar and the amazing creators of the show. The OC'S belong to me and you belong to you 😋.

  • Gravity Falls Wendy x Male! Reader
    273K 4.4K 23

    Being the eldest of the Pines family may have its perks but also cons. (Y/N) is the disappointment child of the family who was sent along with his two younger siblings, Dipper and Mabel, to live with their great uncle Stan for the summer. He believes this will be his moment to prove to his father his worth; he no long...

  • Steven's Older Brother (Red Diamond) // Steven Universe Reader Insert
    21.1K 385 37

    There was once a Red Diamond who was close with Pink Diamond and shared a colony , The Planet Earth. The two acted as siblings and came to visit Earth. the Earth had life and the two diamonds were concerned that their project is hurting the life on the planet. they decided to rebel for the life of Earth and fake their...

  • Pink Diamond's Legacy (Blue Diamond x HalfGem!Diamond!Reader)
    37.3K 737 7

    To those of you who think that diamond OC's are overrated, the door is that way -->🚪 Don't stumble on your way out. Steven Universe and all episodes mentioned/quoted belong to Rebecca Sugar, which in turn means that some of the plot belongs to her as well. All of the pictures used belong to their respective owners...

  • Steven universe x male reader gem
    33.5K 474 6

    story will be almost like a reader insert but a little more focused on you, the reader.