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  • HanaNene Oneshots! [ON HOLD]
    9.6K 240 9

    I've been... Hella obsessed with this ship lately. Like- I can't even- Oh god lol. Anyways I hope you enjoy these one shots! (I can do smut, fluff, and other things in that category. DM me for suggestions.)

  • Bound to You - TBHK (AmanexYashiro)
    33.9K 1.7K 23

    "Even the white rose has its own black shadow," ........................ Usually we'll see this duo in school or more specifically, in the female's bathroom. So, how about we changed a bit of the plot and settings, shall we? Yashiro Nene - or Princess Yashiro Nene - is the heir of Kamome Kingdom. A kindhearted prin...

  • ✪ Boundaries || HanaNene ✪
    17.5K 897 27

    Yugi Amane was only in sixth grade when he unexpectedly died along with his father and his brother. Yashiro Nene - his best friend - was left devastated and guilty for not paying enough attention to him. Now living as an apparition in Kamome Academy, Hanako must figure out a way to save Yashiro from the fate ahead of...

  • ♡New Student~A Hanako x Yashiro fanfic~By KatsuMaruu♡
    2.3K 99 5

    When No.7 of the 7 school mysteries wakes up as a human, Hanako-kun begins To go to class with Yashiro and Kou. While of course, trying to find out the reason for his mysterious transformation.