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  • When the devil fell in love
    3.5K 91 10

    Celestine didn't believe in angels or demons until the devil himself appears in her kitchen. Lucifer didn't believe in love until Celestine. Both deny the company of each other but fate has other plans. As problems threatens both of them, they set out to solve it. How will Celestine come to terms with the new world...

  • Fate and desire
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    I grew up in a small town nothing exciting ever happened. I was sent to live with my "family" after my birth mum abandoned me on the doorstep of the orphanage. She left me crying and helpless. A newborn alone with only a soft pink blanket for any sort of comfort. Apparently she left an envelope that said to be opened...

  • She's Beautiful
    3.1K 675 17

    Donovan grabbed the nape of her neck and he leaned down near her ear with a snarl etched on his face. Her back was arched in an uncomfortable position. "You're mine Nora! Nothing you ever do or say will change that fact.", Donovan snarled gritting his teeth. "You can have my body King, but not my soul. You can tame my...

  • Prophecy
    3.3K 933 31

    Cursed by humanity and divided by their duties, they'll have to abide by rules. A sacrifice they'll give to complete their lifes' purpose. But will it be worth it? Unbothered by the difficulties that life will throw at them, they are ready to face it side by side. Ruled by a prophecy, will they be able to stop it? A...

  • My Happiness Lies With You
    9.2K 188 5

    She was an omega, a rare type of wolf and because they were so rare, they were sent as something that has to be protected and cared for, something precious. Not in this particular pack. No, they hated omegas. Omegas were seen as weak and a burden on the werewolf kingdom. She was treated like trash, like scum beneath...