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  • Hills
    45.7K 1.7K 13

    Izuku, Shinsou, and Eri find themselves in an unlikely predicament as two Pro Heroes take the three troublemakers to live with them.

  • Thanks To You. | Kirishima x Bakugou
    27K 1K 6

    [COMPLETED] After a battle with a villain, Bakugou found himself deaf due to his explosive quirk. Over time his hearing began to deteriorate and this last battle finished it off. He became depressed and upset with himself. But thankfully, he wasn't alone. Kirishima will be the one to lift him up. Even if Bakugou can't...

  • Here I Go (Bnha Various x Reader)
    203K 7.1K 27

    Y/n L/n a pretty little otaku, she would always hide to watch anime, her favorite being My Hero Academia. One day an unexpected occurrence happened, leading her to go into the anime. A few unexpected things happen and who knows maybe she'll find love along the way? Warning: Over-Powered MC Highest rankings: #4 variou...

  • Chemistry || Kiribaku Soulmate AU
    36.5K 1.9K 5

    From around the age of ten, most people naturally gained the ability to be able to talk to their soulmate through their minds. They couldn't send things like their first names through, or anything that could directly connect to their identities. However, two young boys gain their ability to speak to each other from t...

  • the pervs older brother
    103K 3.8K 9

    The 1-A class perv, Mineta Minoru, has an older brother who's back from the States. Imagine everyone's shock when they see this tall, attractive guy claim to be a Mineta. [ marvel/bnha crossover ] [ bnha x seme/top male reader ]

  • Reversal
    8.5K 648 3

    Three kids, wanting to be heroes. Three kids, declared dead. Three kids, who were told they couldn't be heroes. No one said a thing about villains.

  • Friends?
    31.3K 1.1K 7

    Kaminari, a boy who always is putting people in a relationship. But his never lasting more then a couple of weeks. Shinsou, a boy who is always quiet and just got into class 1-A, after his dad had pulled some strings. They do have a chance to become friends but, do they really want to?

  • No one said he couldn't be a villain
    228K 9.2K 17

    Just another villain Deku story... Because everyone always said he couldn't be a hero but no one said he couldn't be a villain! Now he's going to be a threat they regret creating. ------- I'm sorry I ruined his dreams and he's devastated! Edit: sorry if you think there is an update I sometimes have to do some mainten...

  • Yes Alpha? 💛(Shinkami)💜
    40.4K 1K 11

    You only see black and white until you come into direct contact with your soulmate...Kaminari has always been intrigued by colour and by his soulmate and who it was, he was excited to see colour for the first time. What will happen when the insomniac teen and the loud blonde finally touch, under some weird conditions...

  • You're Kinda Loud (Kamishin)
    9.6K 378 15

    SLOW UPDATES A tired kid from 1-C finally transfers into 1-A. The only thing he wanted was to get through highschool and not worry about making "friends". That wasn't gonna happen with the loud, silly kid from 1-A. What'll happen to their relationship? Will it end happily or end in tragedy? Who am I kidding? It's a Ka...

  • Soundless Media
    38.3K 1.8K 9

    Kirishima is taking a gap year. He is mute and unsure what he wants to do. His best friend introduces him to a guy makeup guru, Bakugou. He inspires to be like him and starts doing makeup himself. What happens to Kirishima when he meets Bakugou?

  • ♡Its Called Dancing With the devil, Babe~♡
    31.1K 1.3K 8

    A short story about A bullied and outcasted Eijirou kirishima, who decides to summon a Powerful demon as his guard, little did he know, that demon, Katsuki Bakugou, had maybe just have a bit of a soft spot for him~

  • Kiribaku || Soulmate AU
    3.8K 212 8

    ART CREDIT: M-arci-a ⚠️Warning⚠️ Abuse, cutting and homophobia! If this triggers you please don't read! This is mainly Kiribaku ( might be other ships ) Soulmate au In a world where humans have developed super powers known as quirks, there is one mystery that hides behind closed doors. The secret of love and who your...

  • I Need a Gangster to Love Me Better
    29.9K 1K 19

    Wow a gangster au. Okay so just read the freaking story if you wanna know what's going happening. Kirishima and Bakugo are crazy lmao. KIRISHIMA AND BAKUGO ARE 20 AND GANG LEADERS. (This is gonna have a Harley Quinn and Joker vibe lol) Updated every Saturday #1 in lunatics on 12/27/19- 12/31/19 Started: 12/26/19

  • "why?" - todobakudeku - soulmate au
    90.4K 2.7K 18

    Soulmate au, where everybody has a soulmate. Izuku has two, Katsuki and Shoto, but Katsuki bullies Izuku. Izuku lied about having soulmates. And never replies to the conversations on his arm. But what will happen when Katsuki and Shoto start asking Izuku to answer them and refuse to give up until he does. What will ha...

  • You're The Leader?
    24.1K 677 5

    What would happen if it was found out that an omega, the weakest of them all was one of the leaders of one of the most powerful mafias in the entire world. But what if I also told you that the four leaders were all mates? Mafia and omegaverse au All credits to artists

  • Please Stop.... (Todoroki x Depressed Deku)
    70.5K 1.5K 18

    This is my first ever story and it's probably gonna be horrible and I doubt anyone will read this but that's fine There will be author notes TwT Also, enjoy this FUCKING gay story 🏳️‍🌈😏🏳️‍🌈