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  • Who I am (parrlyn)
    10.6K 319 11

    The six queens have moved in together and only Cathrine had noticed how different Anne seemed. But will anyone else notice?

  • Who I am Part 5 (Parrlyn)
    3.4K 144 12

    It's over a year since the queens celebrated their 100th show. Anne seems to be getting better and she seems to be enjoying the show more But is she hiding something?

  • Who I am Part 4 (parrlyn)
    3.6K 124 11

    It's been almost 6 months since we last saw the queens. They have debuted in their show but Anne seems to be acting different

  • Who I am Part 3 (parrlyn)
    4.2K 134 11

    Anne and Catherine are due to leave for Australia, Will everything go smoothly?

  • Who I am Part 2 (Parrlyn)
    5.8K 200 11

    It's almost a year later since Anne and Catherine were surprised by the queens. But what will happen now?