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  • Dome → Isaac Lahey
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    After the fatal car crash that took the lives of their parents, Carmen Taylor and her brother, Piers, move to the small town of Beacon Hills, California. She expected a routine, she expected everyone to ignore her, and she expected the dainty town to be painfully boring and incomparable. When she set out to take a pea...

  • Enigmatic 》Lahey AU
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    en.ig.mat.ic /ˌenəɡˈmadik/ adjective difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious. Elaine Babineaux was born with some may call a curse, others a gift. From a young age, Elaikne could see and communicate with the spirits connected to a person, doing so with only the touch of a hand. When Isaac Lahey bumps into her...

  • ✓ | PROMISES, isaac lahey
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    「𝗣𝗥𝗢𝗠𝗜𝗦𝗘𝗦」❝I promise that we'll always be together ❞ ▪︎ Synopsis ▪︎ The beaten little boy said holding out his pinky to the scared girl. She looked at him as her eyes glistened with tears, but she held it back sniffling. She reached her pinky out and gave a toothy grin," Always be together" Started: June 17...

  • Hexes and Hearts | Isaac Lahey ✓
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    "I always thought witches were supposed to have green skin and warts?" "Don't be ridiculous. But if you want to go for a ride my broomstick is in the trunk." "Wait, seriously?" "No, this isn't Harry Potter." Farrah Delacroix and her family ran from Beacon Hills to survive and keep their dangerous secret from dangero...

  • Primal » Isaac Lahey
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    "Jamie I don't want you to get hurt. You need to stay away from me." "Isaac, I don't understand. Please just talk to me!" He turned around, his body shaking, and I swore I heard him growl. When Isaac slowly turned around, I saw something that I couldn't explain. He suddenly roared at me, and I felt a searing pain in...