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  • Six Fates
    1K 266 9

    Rainey felt the steel blade pierce into her heart. The sword forced out large streams of thick blood. She gaped in horror at the blood that left her body like a waterfall. Aife's beautiful face and pensive eyes stared back at him, when she died at his feet. Her hands clutched his feet and her hair was wildly attached...

  • First Love
    221 20 5

    The first blush. The first firecrackers that go off under your skin at a certain someone's touch. The first time your stomach has fluttering butterflies. The first time your heart threatens to hammer its way out of the cage. The first time you daydream about those eyes and lips and smile involuntarily. The first time...

  • Even Monsters Get Lonely
    336K 15.1K 16

    Shannon Winters, 23 year old human. She's tired of fighting her misery and one day just decides to give up on life. Andre' Lafoy, 533 year old vampire. He finds Shannon injured in the woods and decides to take her home with him, though he doesn't really know why he does it. Could it be because sometimes even monster...

  • Demon Possession (Shadow Quest Book 1)
    33.9K 963 3

    SHE NEEDS HIS PROTECTION. HE NEEDS HER FOREVER. After years of unjust captivity by those who would exploit her mysterious powers, Analia makes a desperate and dangerous bid to escape the craft that has been her prison for as long as she can remember. By chance, she stows away on a passing merchant ship, which could le...

  • I Am Bree
    64.2K 3K 29

    ****This is my original work, and if someone makes the foolish decision to steal it, you should know that I will not hesitate to take legal action against you!!!**** "Tell me you don't feel it." He whispered against my lips, and the trembling that had ceased at the feel of his lips against mine began again with renewe...