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  • Bus Money // Troublemaker!Bench Trio // DSMP
    63.3K 2.1K 17

    " I spent my bus money on a five buck scratchy Then I walked home, broke 'n' unhappy " Alcoholic Tubbo Smoker Tommy Drug Addict Ranboo 🪄ALL CREDITS GO TO 'It's ya' gurl! Vita' ON YOUTUBE. ORIGINAL VIDEO LINK : I might not update the story very often, so please give me time!

  • Dream SMP // I'm still here // fanfic
    25.7K 821 25

    Minecraft turns into real life; very simple. When Ranboo is put into this strange world and finds out how deep this group of friends lore is, they grow attached. From craftable hardcore potions to a war of men. It all boils down to how it'll end. Ranboo's main goal? Getting home. I'm currently finished editing both b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Philza Oneshots
    86.4K 2.1K 23

    ==NEW COVER ART== This book will be mostly based off of Philza Minecraft. Any companions requested to be included in a oneshot with him are not limited. I accept all requests EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING: -Smut -18+ -Shipping -Romanticity of Minors I try my best to update daily, but it is most likely every 2-3 days I'll updat...

  • Dream SMP II // Far from home // fanfic
    7.1K 392 40

    The second book has begun! Ranboo and all of his minecraft friends have returned home, finally. But of course, as all cliche books do, returning to the normal world comes with some perks. Some of the magic from the minecraft realm has left a serious impact on a few characters, leaving almost everyone in a state of con...

    Completed   Mature
  • MCYT and Friends - Trans Fics
    27.6K 1K 20

    As the title suggests, these are MCYT oneshots which include at least one trans character There's a lot of reader insert Mostly hurt/comfort, fluff, angst. SFW ONLY NO UPLOAD SCHEDULE AS OF NOW

  • i deserve it. | bakugo
    135K 4.5K 33

    recently, bakugo has realized all the wrong things he has done.

  • ♡︎•Kaidou x Aren Oneshots•♡︎
    26.3K 784 21

    Includes Mostly fluff :) maybe angst Updates usually slow Highest ranks: #1- Kubokai (1/30/21) #49-Saikik (1/30/21)

  • Just a Kiss || DreamNotFound
    2.1M 58.6K 31

    *cover by @riickbones on instagram!* - It was just a kiss. One small, meaningless kiss. It didn't change anything. Right? ~highschool au - 50k reads on 10/20/20 100k reads on 10/31/20 200k reads on 11/18/20 300k reads on 12/1/20 400k reads on 12/11/20 500k reads on 12/19/20 600k reads on 12/29/20 700k reads on 1/7/21...

  • Dreams... Gream//Dreamnotfound
    65.5K 1.6K 18

    A new teacher enters Clays school during senior year, his brown locks and honey coloured eyes captivated him from the very start... and it was very wrong. There will be homophobia, sexualising assault, depression, suicidal themes and mature scenes. Read with care.

  • And They Were Roomates (dreamnotfound)
    219K 4.7K 18

    dream is starting college, with his family back at home in florida. when he gets to his new school, a series of events happen. questioning sexualities and questioning friendships. would it help for a short brown-haired, adorable male, on top of it all ? • nsfw/smut • swearing • violence • homophobia • abuse !!cover...

    Completed   Mature
  • Serpent /Quirk Deku/
    36.7K 1K 4

    Izuku Midoriya other know as Hebi wants to be a hero. He's admired them ever since he was very little but with a quirk like his, this goal of his will be quite difficult. This is reg bnha except Deku gets called hebi and has a snake quirk and a lot of people don't trust him enough to want him to be a hero so that kin...

  • Secrets
    66.6K 2.7K 8

    Izuku Midoriya was a 14 year old boy that lived in an orphanage. Everybody thought he was a freak and avoided him. He muttered full conversations with the air and it always seemed like he received answers. When he wasn't in timeout he spent most of his time in his room, or so they thought. He actually sneaked out at e...

  • the used to be soldier!Izuku Midorya
    12.9K 284 2

    Izuku Midorya.Just about a week into UA was picked by the army to go to war.He is coming home now battered and bruised.Will he be able to be a hero even with his injuries?Izuku Midorya not only did he fight for his country but also saved everyone no matter how badly injured they were.The men in his battalion thought a...

  • A Funny Rebel
    53.4K 833 6

    Deku works at a tattoo shop with his friends. His friends are crazy madlads. How will that work out for him? Oh,and he's trying to become a hero...

  • Villainous
    65.8K 1.8K 8

    Villain Deku goes to rehab at UA with Dabi and Toga after being caught. This is an angst mix, and I threw in a little surprise:))))))) I don't own any of the pictures or videos in these chapters, so all credit goes to the owners

    32.6K 632 4

    My hero academia but Bakugo and deku are bffs and as the title says deku has a little adjustment.

  • Under His Mask
    60.3K 1.2K 7

    I've been reading a lot of "Badass Deku" stories a lot lately so I've kinda become obsessed. Midorya has a secret life under all of that "sweet cinnamon roll" act. What happeneds is he accidentally lets his badass show to that class that makes the class follow him and discover his secret life. What will happened. Will...

  • My Shizzle (Bill Nye x Miss Frizzle)
    13.8K 672 1

    Tbh my otp ;)

  • Izuku's little secrets
    43.6K 805 7

    Izuku Midoriya has a little secret, ok maybe not jut one but a few.

  • All ogre me [Dr. Phil x Shrek ] smut, fluff, angst
    6.9K 71 3

    Oof. Dr. Phil looks at shrek and licks his lips. Shrek whispers in his ear "you're in my swamp now" ....

  • Analysis vigilante Watcher / Black Cat
    22.4K 753 9

    ( I do not own My Hero Academia ) Ever since izuku midoriya was 4 and was told that he was quirkless , he still wants to become a hero but an illegal one he became a vigilante since All Might told him that he can't become a hero at the age of 6. Let's see our cinnamon roll adventure shall we ? ( I suck at description...

  • Trump x Putin || Presidential Romance
    5.1K 106 11

    뜨거운 Donald J Trump, devastated from Kim Jong Un's supposed disappearance, finds comfort in the arms of Putin. Little did he know, there was quite a bit more going on. 날 죽여줘

  • The Fault in our Shrek
    52.5K 1.7K 5

    Better out then in I always say

  • Somebody Once Told Me (Shrek X Obama)
    23.6K 334 12

    The tragic story of Barack Obama and Shrek.

  • Shrek × Mike Wazowski
    1.1K 22 3

    Mike Wazowski finna get some 😣🤤

  • Together Forever (Shrek x Pepe)
    9.3K 489 1

    Pepe felt alone in life. He always had sad moments, but then, one day, a certain ogre came into his life somehow, and things changed...

  • Shrek x toothpaste
    16.1K 520 9

    Shrek goes to Walmart looking for carrots but he finds something raddEr love!!!!!!! ❤️

  • Shrek and Spongebob
    6.2K 118 4

    a true love story 😍😍😍

  • Get Inside My Swamp
    14.1K 603 1

    Shrek is trying to get Squisanardds love

  • Elmo's Depression
    26.4K 1K 2

    Elmo gets dumped by Big Bird, and is never quite the same.