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  • Unknown || kth. ✅
    3.6M 8.6K 2

    ''You remind me of the ocean..'' ''Is it because I'm deep and mysterious?'' he asks. ''No, because you're salty and scare the shit out of people'' ©2019-2020

  • Worst Guardian Angel Ever ✔
    2.7M 169K 51

    "What would happen if I took you to bed with me? Would that mean I broke the virginity of an angel?" ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: In which a girl is sent to be the guardian angel of her own killer. ✎ EDITING ✎ © Kiki 2018© ➢AU ➢Fluff/Drama ➢Humor Highest Rankings: #1 in JUNGKOOK #1 in KPOP #1 in NAMJOON #3 in JIMIN ★Debut Novel★ ...

  • Interwoven ✔️
    750K 79.1K 70

    "I am quite flexible." "Stop wiggling your eyebrows." ✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧⋄⋆⋅⋆⋄✧ In which she's assigned an alien under the rules of the New Order for both races to learn more about each other. [FULL SUMMARY INSIDE] ©Kiki 2020© ➢AU ➢Romance/Action ➢Dystopian **Started: May 16, 2020** **Ended: --**

  • Devils journal |k•th
    11K 483 13

    ✎is it possible for a demon to have a journal? demon au

  • Is It a 'She' ? (On hold)
    3.3K 165 6

    "A girl huh..?" He said as a smirk crept to his face Oh shit "What in the world would a girl do in a military camp huh, LEE JOO-HYUN, if that was even your name" "Y-yea, it is my name" fuck it, why did I stutter? He took some steps that made him close to me Like toooo close "Are you sure y/n, What ? The name sou...

  • The Painting || BTS TAEHYUNG
    496K 29.1K 49

    Travelling 200 years back in time, The clock is ticking and time is running, But my heart stopped beating when I saw you for the first time "Who is he ?" "King Taehyung of Mahiron." 𝑨𝒏𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕'𝒔 𝒘𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒄𝒍𝒐𝒄𝒌 𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒖𝒄𝒌 𝒎𝒊𝒅𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕. A royal tale unlike any other, for those who need a new...

  • Lüčfēr 's Lōvê { Bts K.t.h } ff
    38.2K 1.6K 27

    " He set fire to the world around him but never let a flame touch her " A BTS Kim Taehyung Fan Fiction ...

  • Blood Ink ✔️
    39.4M 1.6M 77

    "That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. You know exactly what that means." BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the original artists of the amazing edits and fan arts, as well as the creator of the cover @namjoonkie and original artist @diatybx?❤️ Highest Ranking: [#1 in Fanfict...

  • June
    1.7M 116K 52

    She would watch him dance every single night, knowing his every move. The only thing she didn't know is that he knew. A story about self love & self destruction. © stereoids 2018. All rights reserved. Published on Jan. 21st Completed on Oct. 13th

  • V for Vampire || kth. ✅
    3.9M 9.7K 2

    ''so, want my bites or hickeys?'' ©2018-2019

  • Indigo // BTS Mafia AU
    2.8M 118K 62

    "Why do they call you Indigo?" "It's the last color they see before they die." Cover by @hoseqx Some rankings: #13 Fanfiction #14 BTS #1 Yoongi #67 Taehyung #2 Jungkook #1 Namjoon #4 btsfanfiction

  • LET'S GET MARRIED 21+ [Jimin FF]
    49.7K 984 12

    ❝W-w-will you marry me please, i love you.❞ He was so shocked his eyes were bulging out of their sockets. I had a plan no one saw coming. Read the story to find out.. 😏 [Ongoing]

  • The Hunt
    1.4M 58.4K 84

    Y/n is abducted by a pack of hybrids, however, she's not as helpless as they initially assumed. Hybrid BTS, Jimin x Hybrid Reader. Started Sept. 5, 2019.