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  • Model Material- Larry Stylinson
    487K 17.1K 41

    My parents always warned me about drugs on the street, but not about the one with big green eyes, soft curly hair, and a heart beat.

  • No Fear// l.s
    268K 10.8K 76

    (COMPLETED) After moving school, Louis Tomlinson knows that this town isn't normal. Strange sightings, unexplained disappearances, very introverted people and him. The tall, peculiar boy that lives down the street, colour-changing eyes and pale skin. But what Louis soon finds out, there is more of them, a lot more t...

  • Nurse // l.s
    198K 9.4K 20

    Where Harry is a patient in the hospital of London and has a crush on his blue eyed nurse. • Larry Stylinson • © larry_smilinson

  • My New Teacher [Larry - Student/Teacher] *Completed*
    1M 30.6K 48

    Louis Tomlinson is a student in the 12th grade. He's not really good in school and he has already repeated two grades. His teacher Harry Styles is only 22, so only two years older than Louis. He wants to help Louis so he consists the class. So Harry gives Louis tutoring to spend more time with him and help him. The pr...

  • Loving the Alpha (l.s.)
    113K 4.3K 13

    He is strong, dark, dangerous and my enemy but I can't help but feel attracted to him. He's weak, nothing but a hopeless omega. He's from the opposite side of the woods we must not meet ever.

  • Nineteen (A Larry Fanfiction)
    445K 12.6K 70

    He was only nineteen when he met his daddy.

  • Mad Hatter || l.s
    226K 14K 25

    ❝Oh my, aren't you stunning?❞ in which Louis is Alice and Harry is the Mad Hatter [bottom!louis] cc: larrystylinsonvevo © pleasurelouis, 2015 - 2016

  • nudes ◊ larry stylinson
    499K 17.7K 42

    unknown number: is this Amanda? me: no I'm a guy lol unknown: oh... send nudes?

  • My little hedgehog (Larry Stylinson) (Completed)
    36.9K 1.7K 21

    Louis is a spirit animal, he goes from owner to owner, each one he changes to a different animal based on the owners' spirit animal, Louis' last owners spirit animal was a hedgehog, sadly they passed on and now Louis is stuck in the form of a small defenseless hedgehog. Harry finds him one day on the verge of death an...

  • Married To A Larry Shipper || Larry Stylinson (Complete) ✔️
    10M 701K 143

    "I love you my beautiful wife." "Shut up, Harry. You're gay and that's that." ~Or~ Harry is married and his wife swears he's in love with Louis. || Ranked: 2nd place in the Popular Larry Stories category of the Bromance Awards ||

  • night shift // l.s.
    398K 14.5K 78

    *under revision, slow updates* a bartender meets a gang member and lord knows what could happen next. (or; harry has a thing for a really cute blue eyed bartender, louis is in for one hell of a rollercoaster) //lowercase intended, mafia, mpreg, this thing is whack// THIS IS MPREG. ^^^ cover by @/Larry_smilinson © all...

  • Kiwi (Larry)
    163K 6.5K 35

    On everyone's eighteenth birthday a tattoo shows up somewhere on their body, corresponding in some way with your soulmates' own. It could be the exact same tattoo, or one that's similar in some way or it may even be the first thing that you say to each other. Ever since he turned eighteen Louis Tomlinson has stared at...

  • Like A Gentleman (Larry Stylinson)
    143K 6.1K 17

    Harry's determined to make Louis like him and Louis' determined to irritate the shit out of Harry. Or the one where's Harry's kind of an entitled asshole and Louis brings him back down to earth a bit.

  • no homo > larry au [completed]
    7.9M 427K 46

    louist91: I kinda really wanna suck your dick louist91: no homo tho ••••• {HIGHEST RANKING: #3 in FanFiction}

  • Locker 17
    30.3M 897K 158

    "It's hard letting go. I'm finally at peace but it feels wrong." {Under going editing. It's being rewritten from the beginning, grammatical errors are being fixed. Should be completely edited and polished by December}

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Cub
    1.1M 37.3K 50

    Harry Styles is head of the underground, he's ruthless, possessive, feared and powerful. Louis is a student, his dad works for Harry but Louis has no idea about the underground world. What happens when Louis dad causes trouble and Harry kidnaps Louis for revenge. (This is my story, please do not copy, also on AO3 unde...

    Completed   Mature
  • messaging styles l.s
    310K 11.2K 23

    "you're not actually that much of an asshole." "thanks, babe. now can we fuck ??" "..." "is that a yes?" _____ BEFORE YOU READ! this story has a lot of plot holes that i completely forgot about so im sorry about that! basically, harry's hitting on louis while louis is trying to get out of a unfaithful relationship. ...

  • Larry Stylinson smut/One Shots.
    591K 5.3K 23

    Larry short stories yay. Written mostly by me!! I credit if I did not write it!

  • My Hot Stepbrother (L.S.)
    373K 11.6K 48

    "Well he's my stepbrother..." "But that's awesome right? I would love to have a brother." "Yeah it is pretty awesome." I paused and took a deep breath. "I've seen him naked." Louis' father is an abusive man and always hurts Louis because he's openly gay. He has and continues to mentally and physically abuse him. His f...

  • Nerd With a Secret - Larry Stylinson Au-
    2.9M 89.1K 46

    Harry Styles is a nerd that everybody ignores and bullies but he doesn't care. He lives with it because he has a secret and no, his secret isn't that he is gay. He's very open about that. No, he has another secret, one that he would never tell anybody because if he did, his life would no longer be normal. His plan is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Maybe I don't hate you?||l.s
    142K 4.8K 16

    "Louis that is your name right?" "No it's David." Louis and Harry are both in university, Louis's the captain of the footie team and Harry loves taking pictures and they absolutely hate each-other? Translation available in spanish by: @kaiat_la_boca *one of my first books so bad grammar, and written a while ago, with...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mind Me (Larry Stylinson)
    750K 35K 83

    "Instead of your master, how about I be your daddy?"

    Completed   Mature
  • Larry Texts 2
    105K 6.5K 68

    Part 2 of Larry Texts

  • My Piece Of Heaven (Larry Stylinson AU Angel!Harry Demon!Louis)
    28.2K 1.3K 10

    Since long years there is a fight - a war, actually - between Angels and Demons. The Demons want to weaken the Angel's army. Louis, son of Lucifer and Prince of Hell, knows that the one and only weak spot is Harry, the Archangel's son, even though the Angels don't know- He begins to try to seduce and tempt the young A...

  • Killer Façade [Larry]
    32.9K 1.8K 12

    {Credit to larryspineapples for the manip used in the cover.} "So this is just some stupid revenge plan?" Harry smirks up at the pretty killer straddling his hips, licking his lips. "Revenge sounds... mean," Louis giggles, trailing the knife in his hand down the mafia leader's toned chest. "Let's say I'm simply... ret...

  • Messages » Larry AU
    450K 21.3K 15

    Louis starts getting cute little messages from a secret admirer and gradually feels himself falling more and more in love with the boy. But can you really like someone you've never seen before? And what will happen when Louis finds out the real identity of his admirer? Credit to ThinkingTooFast, and psychomuke

  • Larry Texts
    718K 48.1K 203

    Louis: I hate that you're way taller than me Harry: trust me, there's an advantage to it. Louis: what? Harry: when I hug you, you can listen to my heart which only beats for you

    Completed   Mature
  • loving louis l.s
    28.6K 650 6

    "so, are we gonna fuck or what?" "damn. wasn't I supposed to ask that?" - sequel to messaging styles!

  • My Fairytale - Larry AU boyxboy
    373K 16.8K 35

    Prince Louis William of York is tired. He's tired of formalities. He's tired of attending events, showing a nice smile and pretending he knows people he actually has never heard of. Well, he probably has, but he couldn't care less about them. He is tired of people knowing who he is, and would like to have some privac...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine (Larry Stylinson a/b/o)
    883K 32.6K 26

    Louis is the new kid at school. He's a tiny blue-eyed male omega, in a predominantly all alpha school. Finished: March 8th, 2016