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  • Sail! (Various One Piece X Male Reader)
    335K 15.1K 132

    Baking and drawing is all (M/N) likes to do to avoid his problems. He took to the seas to draw the beautiful scenery and to eat all types of food. His unique ability makes him scared to get closed to people since they could use him but that changes when he meets a kid called Monkey D. Luffy. He joins along on his adve...

  • Fragments 1: One Piece X Pirate Male Reader Vol 1
    77.1K 2K 61

    Story Details inside. Mature Story be Warned!

  • One Piece: The Other Half (Male reader)
    70K 1.6K 46

    Disclaimer One Piece is owned by Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, Viz Media and Shōnen. I'm in no way affiliated with any of them in any way. Please support the official release. As Luffy heads in his adventure starting in the East Blue, there is another pirate heading on a journey as well. Join the the pirate (Y/N) make the...

  • straw hat pirate's x male reader
    19.4K 488 4

    so it's basically what it sounds like

  • Not Alone Anymore (Luffy x OC)COMPLETED
    78.6K 2.7K 34

    RedEyes is the name of a feared pirate. With an almost uncontrollable Devil's Fruit... it doesn't take much for her to lose her temper. Although, it seems the Straw Hats aren't scared of her like everyone else, they even invite her to join the crew.... but they soon get caught up in Red's mysterious and dark past.

  • One Piece ~ Innocent Stranger (Luffy x OC FanFic)
    80.4K 2K 18

    A girl lost her only family and started to live her own normal life and go on an adventure. Then one day, she met the Innocent Captain, Monkey D. Luffy. What do you think will happen to both of them together at first meeting. Her name is Ashny Vayne. Same age as Luffy. She also likes meat. She's a short raven haire...

  • The Devil's Grin - A One Piece Fanfic (Snail-like Updates)
    131K 5.1K 99

    Everything has changed. I was once considered great and powerful. But I was betrayed by those I thought I could trust. And because of them I have lost everything dear to me. They even took my name, declaring me a demon and a devil. Well if they want a devil I'll give them a devil. Who am I? I'm The Devil and I will ha...

  • Pirate of White Faith (Book #1)
    94K 2.7K 34

    Allison is a young heiress to one of the noble families of Wano Country living with her uncle and aunt. Her uncle expect her to marry a Lord's son on her eighteen birthday, something she doesn't want. So on her 11th birthday, Allison takes the only chance to change her faith, to enter the dangerous world of pirates. A...

  • The Three Brothers With An Older Sister (One Piece)
    110K 2.6K 34

    I was on my lil' brother's ship I can't wait to see him! He probably doesn't remember me since it was over 17 years ago. I was the oldest out of Ace, Sabo and Luffy. They're my little brother and they always will be, even if they never remember me ever again. I know that this sucks but I hope you read this! I might...

  • The Youngest (A One Piece Fanfic)
    76.3K 2.5K 9

    Name: Amelia Age 6 Current level: Starvation hell Cell mates: None Extra notes: At this time, held at level three of Impel down with no record of any misbehavior, "Crystal Akuma Amelia" is currently in cell 129 and has not eaten a devil fruit. She is also aware of her location and shows no signs of attack or escape...

  • Pirates In My House! (One Piece X Male Reader)
    31.6K 419 5

    Hey bros it's djmacho here with another fanfiction for you guys to read. Especially for one piece fans hope you enjoy.

  • One Piece Male x Male Reader
    76.2K 1.1K 10

    Just to even things out.

  • One Piece high (one piece Various X Reader)
    54.8K 2.1K 23

    first time writing a fanfic!!! A school where people with unusual background, power or status go too, where the worst, weirdest and deadliest people are sent to... Is the school were you go , because you'r very annoying friend couldn't go and begged you to go instead. you didn't know that the school where your sent...

  • reader x one piece
    104K 1.9K 14

    when you first heard his dream you thought he was a little crazy but at the same time you admired him for having such a dream like that.

  • Daycare(OP x Reader)
    73.1K 2.2K 17

    Congratulations! You have been chosen to host and raise Hell's next batch of demons! Not believing it at first, you are thoroughly surprised by the tiny creatures that show up on your doorstep, mind uncomprehending of the situation. But you are proved wrong when something utterly shocking happens right in front of...

  • My Three Trouble Makers (ASL x Reader x Law)
    51.1K 1.8K 42

    You were a college teen. The Best of friends with Law. What if one day you wanted to adopt a child? But ended up adopting three? Find out in My Three Trouble Makers!

  • Raging Seas (Discontinued)
    45.7K 1.4K 13

    (Y/N) is just your average girl whom is in love with the anime One Piece. One day, her life completely changed and she was sent to the very world she desired to experience. That is until she realizes her struggles getting back home to her family. Instead she has to tame the Raging Seas of Love, when most of the male c...

  • Chose Me
    70.2K 2.5K 21

    This story is basically a reader insert. Meeting a lot of characters from the series One Piece, and having her story told. I do not own One Piece and the picture at all. The credit is given to the creator of One Piece and the artist of the photo. I do own the story that I have written.

  • A fighter [One piece x reader]
    74.6K 2.6K 78

    Nyx D. Y/N holding a title of master wielder and princess of Dark Echantress is planning out to travel around the world itself. While seeking out some adventure, y/n meet several people and Strawhats that has been stopping a war with The Warlord, Sir Crocodile. y/n has trust issues problem because of her past and lac...

  • One piece ASL x Reader
    38.6K 1.1K 13

    Your Luffy's sister your only 3 years older than him, your mother left when luffy was born and you bowed to keep your brother safe, until gramp takes you to live with a bunch of bandits were you meet two interesting boys.

  • The Key~ One Piece X Reader
    88.6K 3.3K 11

    A few days after you are born a package will come in the mail for you. For girls it's a locked pendant, for boys a key. No one really knows where the gifts came from but what they did know is that when they found the key to unlock the pendant the rest of their lives will be truly happy. Soulmates is what the pair was...

  • A Ninja Raised By Pirates (Discontinued)
    34.6K 792 5

    Naruto's parents survive the sealing of the the nine tail fox. They seal the fox's soul inside Naruto and the fox's Chakra inside of Naruto's sister Mito. After that life was good for Naruto. However it sooned turned to hell. Naruto's parents began neglecting him for Mito. Training Mito to stop Naruto if the 9 tail's...

  • I'm in One Piece!?!? (One Piece fanfiction)
    59.4K 2.4K 13

    'Okay, ocean- Check!, island-Check!, Three brats trying to steal basically nothing on me- Check!! Wait.... WHAT!?'

  • X-over: Madara's new life
    144K 3.9K 23

    After Dying in the 4th shinobi war. madara awakens in a Forest with a young child with a scar meets him. ;-; disclaimer: I do not own Naruto OR one piece. ;-; ;-; And This fanfic credit to the creator MasterW in

  • THE TIME DEMON | One Piece X Male OC
    60.9K 1K 15

    Charlotte D. Baal is the 34th son of Big Mom and the only one who openly rebelled against her. Now, after a few years of gathering people for his own crew, the Switchblade Pirates, he gets an invite for one of Big Mom's tea parties. What happens on Whole Cake Island will only be the start for the one they call the "Ti...

  • Wait for me {One Piece X Reader} ✓
    182K 5.8K 32

    | SLOWLY EDITING | | THE SEQUEL HAS BEEN RELEASED: Prologue + Chapters 1-6) This book has a few grammatical errors but read if you please. It is said to be fast paced so I apologize in advance if that bothers anyone. » Highest rank || #1 on OnePieceXReader Hot List « ---- » "I'm not going to help anyone else." I say...

  • One Piece X Reader : The New Member.
    78K 1.9K 27

    After Skypiea arc, the crew makes his way toward a new arc before the Water 7 arc . There where they will meet with the new member that is YOU ! What will happen when they meet you ? and will you join the crew ? How will be your future days with them ? •DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ONE PIECE CHARACTERS, I ONLY OWN MINE .

  • Freedom & Fate | One Piece x Reader
    324K 14.3K 70

    "Fate will find a way." A girl who ran away from fate, a girl who aspires to live freely. Hazy memories and the possessions on her body are the only things she has after she wakes up. During her journey, the right experiences trigger her abilities along with lost memories. Uncertainty fills her mind bu...

  • Keep Safe 》one piece x reader《
    113K 3.1K 38

    your power is your weakness. your family is far out of reach. you found a new one to keep you company. but is it enough? will they be able to hold back the feelings of theirs? will you be able to hold back your own?

  • Stars Align (One Piece x Reader)
    122K 4K 40

    (One Piece x Female! Reader) Reborn in the stars, time and time again, her knowledge and power has made the world government feel threatened just by her existence. With the passion of fire, grace of the wind, beauty of the water, and power of the earth, she vows to make him the King of Pirates.