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  • SimSimi | Applyfic
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    Hai korang! So, applyfic ni kira fanfic. Cuma, alin akan ambil 10 orang yang terawal sahaja untuk masuk dalam applyfic ni. Macam biasalah, tengok kat bahagian borang nanti ye? Muah💋🌹 status: open recently status: 4 out of 10 (sorry takde kulit cerita yang proper sikit)

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    ⊱ a thriller fiction / au ⊰ ❝ THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Pack your weapon ! Humanity is in danger and you are the only hope for the future. ❞ IN WHICH the heroes are women who's fighting in apocalypse without any superpower. They are women and a warrior in their own ways. This seven ladies decide to join the millitary fo...