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  • 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘭𝘶𝘤𝘬 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘮 ~ 𝐛𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐬𝐡
    79.9K 2.7K 34

    "I guess I am your good luck charm, huh?" {Beverly Marsh x Female OC} {It 2017: completed} {It 2019: completed } {Extended Summary Inside} {Under Editing} highest rankings: #6 in richietozier #1 in beverlymarsh

  • respect your hyungs | namkook
    154K 7.3K 24

    Out of all his hyungs, Jeon Jungkook only has respect for one out of 7. The God almighty: Kim Namjoon. [COMPLETED!] ©️JOONCENTRIC

  • A Secret Princess In Class
    154K 3K 27

    Marinette and her class are invited to China by the Queen and King for the return of the princess ball and shortly after the coronation also possibly a wedding but what they don't know and neither does she is Marinette is the Princess of China read more to find out

  • 👑🐞 A Newfound Royal (MLB) 🐞👑
    127K 2.2K 33

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng's 16th birthday was rolling around. Little did she know she would get more than presents. A few days before, she would be told of her royalty in China. But the surprises didn't stop there! Her class would be going on a trip to China to see the princess' coronation! AKA her! She must decide how s...

  • Princesses of China, Spain and England | ✔️
    99.2K 1.8K 21

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Alya Cesaire and Chloe Bourgeois are a group of friends who always have each other's backs. They are a bunch of nerds in the school. So they of course get bullied. The three girls class won the culture contest thanks to the three girls. But everyone still treats them like crap. Anyway they get...

  • The Badass Princess of China (ON HOLD)
    16.4K 274 15

    Marinette has never been an ordinary girl, she is Ladybug after all. But she has another secret a lot more crazy than that. She's Princess of China. For her whole life, she's kept this secret and it's been easy. But when her class wins a competition and they are invited to attend her coronation to become queen, thoug...

  • proper princess of china 💮💮An MLB fanfic💮💮
    81.4K 1K 12

    Marinette is fed up of all lies sprouting from Lila's mouth. everyone except Chloe turn against she gets a chance to prove them wrong once and for all. they are going on a trip to China for a whole year. BEWARE: Lila going to be roasted brown in this story.

  • Pose [Taekook]
    1.6M 67.8K 20

    model ; one who is employed to display clothes or other merchandise - In which Taehyung and Jungkook are models for an LGBT+ magazine. - This story has a yoonmin spin-off/sequel called Smile if you're interested! Written by me of course - cover by @chingusai

  • The Princess Behind the Mask
    58.5K 770 18

    Marinette is the secret Princess of China! What happens when her class wins a field trip to go see her coronation? Enjoy my fanfiction! (P.S. This is my first miraculous fanfic so bear with me here) Disclaimer: MLB does not belong to meh peeps. So give it up for Thomas Astruc!!! *Book is thrown at head.* Who threw t...

  • I'm In Control
    51K 1.4K 20

    Marinette gets akumatized but no one knows until all hell breaks loose. Her pink and cheerful style goes to black and badass. She blocks out all her friends when they try and get close with her but none of them back away for good. Ladybug of course disappears in this mess and Paris, especially Chat Noir, need her back...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reverse (A Bbrae Fanfic)
    17.7K 545 23

    What happens if Raven was the one to betray the team? What if she was the one to "die" that night? What if she was the one to come back? I don't own the Teen Titans.

  • Daddy's Boy [taekook] ✔️
    272K 10.8K 45

    A very cliché story about Taehyung being a little and Jungkook being a daddy...or is it? Started: Mar. 25, 2018 Ended: Aug. 06, 2020

    Completed   Mature
  • My Hybrid Bunny || VK 💔
    287K 11.8K 40

    Taehyung is met with a bunny hybrid named Jeon Jungkook. Bunnies are cute, soft and innocent and that's just what Jungkook is, though there seems to be another side to him and that side yearns for Taehyung('s ASS HAHAHA).

  • Baby Talk|| NamjinKook**
    75.2K 2.6K 25

    **Sequel/prequel to Baby Steps Though Jin and Namjoon are happy to be taking care of Jungkook now, there's still so much to the boy's past they don't know about and it's slowly causing Jungkook to distance from them... **Triggering** *depression *mentions of abuse *mentions of sexual assault *fluffy *self-harm *suicid...

  • Actually A Bunny (!!!Taekook!!!) (!Completed!)
    168K 8.2K 38

    "You have bunny teeth." Not everyone is what they seem like. ~~~~~~~~~~~ My second Taekook story. I j-hope you enjoy this FF!☺️ Highest ranking~~~~ #67 in taetae #7 in taekookfanfic #183 in kookie #711 in kimtaehyung #264 in btsv #32 in btsau #876 in jeonjungkook #299 in btsjungkook #859 in taekook Completed- Aug 2019

  • His Warm Hands
    71.2K 3.3K 23

    Park Jimin is a 22 year old detective, whose mission is to save a victim from human trafficking, orginized by a dark net business leader.

  • Mine|| Taekook
    243K 8.9K 26

    Nerdy Jungkook has a crush on the school's bad boy... -unedited so expect typos lol Start: August 26, 2019 End: November 26, 2019 *drugs,maybe *self-harm *violence....I think #6 in Taekook 10/19/20

  • Not the Right Word | Taekook
    36.8K 1.5K 13

    "Answer me with words." "Y-yes." That was definitely not the right word. Taehyung has selective mutism and is a total loner in his senior year of high school for the second time. Until a certain douche bag comes along and changes his life. Warnings •foul language •bullying •selective mutism ♡COMPLETED♡

  • cₗₐₛₕᵢₙg ᵣₒₘₐₙcₑ || ym. tk. nj.
    43.8K 1.4K 18

    transferring at a new school is always not easy. it's harder for min yoongi, a 17 year old boy from daegu, who is shy, timid, and meek. what makes it the hardest? meeting a guy like park jimin, duh. yoonmin taekook namjin -- former title: Opposites Attract --

  • Swirled
    32.3K 1.2K 18

    "Hi" "Hi" "You're lips are nice" 90s [au]

  • Manager-nim?! BTS x MYG
    198K 7.1K 34

    Min Yoongi was hired as BTS' new manager. He has to take care of 6 Dirty Minded Members. What will happen to him? Find out by reading the story. - EDITING - Artwork in the cover is not mine. CTTO.

  • 23
    33K 1.1K 5

    ~Yoongi wasn't an ordinary stripper, he was a cat hybrid that caught the attention of 6 criminals~ "I'm caught in the buzz Another one down, I'm pushing my luck The future's never looked so bright, it's blinding me It's hard to see, I'm swimming through dopamine Your body looks like heaven and I wanna give up, I just...

  • I dare you... (Yoongi x BTS)
    143K 5.1K 11

    What would happen if the members of BTS dared each other to win Yoongi's heart. Just a story to calm my gay ass

  • atlantis - [🔫]
    77.5K 1K 45

    multifandom imagines and preferences side note: I do not support jdg anymore!! COMPLETED [✓] #1 in itimagines 7-19-20 started - oct. 18 2019. ended - mar. 22 2021.

    Completed   Mature
  • Gummy Bear
    127K 2.9K 33

    Jimin was the sun. Jungkook was the moon. And Yoongi was their little star. ***** -In which Yoongi is a little and Jungkook and Jimin are his Daddies- Side ships: NamjinVhope

  • 𝕊𝕒𝕗𝕖 {kth.myg}
    80.5K 2.6K 19

    A journey through little yoongi's life "Safe, baby your safe" ⚠️trigger warning⚠️ 🖤ѕнorт ѕтory🖤

    54.2K 2.6K 31

    ❝Anything for the bestest prince in the world!!❞ ❝Me me!! I'm best prince!❞ - Min Yoongi is the most loved boy in the group. He's cute, funny, nice, quiet, and fun to play with. He's a prince! He's a hero! Even better. He's a cute little with six daddies to save. Top! BTS Bottom! Yoon • Little Space AU! - - - |...

  • {The baby's baby} Yoonkook
    53K 1.2K 22

    A story where the maknae of BTS finds himself a baby Slow updates

  • mine | yoonmin
    192K 9.7K 32

    "what the fuck?" jimin joins a website just to fool around, not expecting to find a little. ' formerly known as '

  • Too Little •DISCONTINUED•
    100K 3.7K 20

    Jimin finds out Yoongi is a little and doesn't handle it very well There's never enough Little! Yoongi in the world so I decided to write some too SLOW UPDATES