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  • My artwork
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    this is just a bunch of my drawings and fnaf artwork that I compiled together

  • C H E M I C A L S
    14.7K 543 15

    'Here we go again, i feel the chemicals kicking in' The zombie apocalypse hits again, Bryan isn't prepared, but is anybody ever really prepared?

  • °When I'm With You° (Lefty X Molten Freddy)
    2.7K 32 3

    !Art not mine! Art belongs to BlueberryFxx. Read to find out >:3 . . . I'm bad at descriptions TwT

  • Broken yet whole (Molten x Lefty) {TheFamousFilms} {ON HOLD}
    14.9K 374 18

    Lefty decided to go back to the pizzaria to get his mind off the worries at the theme park. He got a little to close and was sucked into the corrupted portal. He ends up finding a strange version of the pizzaria and all his friends that have died trying to get into the office to kill William Afton (ucn). He soon bumps...

  • #FandomShippersUniteCult
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    A story dedicated to my cult

  • Torn between time (Finished)
    26.7K 566 29

    When a glitch in the portal causes Bryan's friends to see memories of his past and brings back painful and horrible memories for him causing questions to be asked about Bryan and what all he had lied about....

  • Wires and Blood (A TheFamousFilms fan-fiction) -ON HOLD-
    39.9K 1K 28

    It's a normal day in Freddy Land. Well, as normal as it can be when your 'friends' are walking, talking animatronics. Bryan walks through the park. Someone is watching. The watcher takes out the syringe. Bryan has just enough time to see the needle before everything goes dark... A week later the animatronics find Brya...

  • Film's Secrets | TheFamousFilms AU| {DISCONTINUED}
    31.7K 779 30

    It's a normal day at the Theme Park, until Bryan's secrets begin to show themselves, and a new problem awakens.

  • Love in our own way [Error x Ink & Multiship]
    29.9K 966 23

    Nightmares gang were at his mansion chilling out when they hear three loud bangs at the door, they opened the door to find the star sans', lead by Ink, in floods of tears. Reluctant as they are the gang let's them in and listens to what got them in such a state. The three Star sans' are forced to team up with Nightmar...

  • •ON HOLD• "The Great Curtain Call" a T.F.F. AU (the sequel to "A Second Chance")
    8.3K 171 7

    [IMPORTANT NOTE!!- There will be a "remastered" version of the previous story coming soon. So this book will on hold for now. Apologies if this triggers you in any way.] Molten Freddy is alive and well, with a new future waiting for him in the Freddy Land theme park. But what's this?! Ann as returned with warning of f...

  • "A Second Chance" a T.F.F AU
    33.1K 809 17

    [IMPORTANT NOTE!!- There will be a "remastered" version of this fanfic coming soon!] After Molten Freddy's death, he wakes up in a weird dark void. A mysterious lady name Ann offers him a chance to start all over again, all the way back to when the others first met him. With a little guidance from Ann, Molten goes o...

  • People hurting me(finished)
    28.7K 533 13

    Yes I know Bryan is not Chris. The setting is at the pizzeria so in this book there's no theme park ok and it's a Molten x Bryan book I hope you enjoy this book

  • Bryan Reset
    26.3K 915 17

    Bryan wants to start a new with his animatronics. So what happens when he gets to start over again.

  • 'Bad Business Owner' A T.F.F FNAF AU
    13.4K 320 4

    What would happen when Bryan finally snaps? After all the teasing and constant insults, whether it'd be from Helpy or Happy Frog, it still hurts. So what if Bryan considered quitting his job?... What if he fantasised about ending his life?... What if a handsome animatronic bunny admits how feels he feels towards Bryan...

  • Memes
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    Some good ol' spicy memes and cursed images. All are found on the internet unless I say it's mine Later chapters have among us memes lol * Don't be afraid to tell me if I posted repeats. I have hundreds of images on my phone and forget if I post repeats. Tell me and I'll replace it with another meme! *

  • My Inner Code (A FavremySabre Fanfiction)
    71.2K 3.5K 90

    Sabre is being chased by Illusion Steve. His friends are under his control again or captured. He has no hope left. No way to win. Sabre has to think harder to figure out how to fix his problem... . . . He also must keep his identity a secret and the longer he stays in this world the harder it will be to keep it. Right...

  • Not our Bryan... (original AU)
    2.1K 97 3

    He was gone.. they took him.. but.. he woke up!.. somethings wrong.. very wrong!.. this isn't our Bryan

  • My secret life
    3.1K 90 2

    Bryan has been acting differently since the twisted showed up.

  • Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes
    37.7K 1.6K 200

    i found most of these on Pinterest

  • ??????? no idea for a titel yet
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    what if Brian in Molten switched places. what if Molten was the human, and Bryan was the animatronic. what if Lefty was the serious one in Rockstar Freddy was the jokester. well that's why I'm making the story. because why the hell not.

  • the owners child...
    37.7K 1.2K 19

    Bryan has been off lately... he has been having to leave work early or ask derpy to go to his house and stay until he got back home.. one day the Animatronics decided to follow and what they saw surprised them... Bryan was a father/mother... but who was the father?

  • Zane~Chan 30 Day OTP Challenge (Up for Adoption)
    508 35 17

    This is self-explanatory. Based on Warrior3600's Nickvactor book!

  • Reborn
    12.5K 278 17

    This is a thefamousfilms fan comic After bryan's sacrifice for his friends, he expects to be dead, but suddenly darkness egulfs him, he is met up with a young girl's soul,she tells him that he has been given a second chance, but he must keep himself hidden... Who is he now? (what is he now)

  • LGBTQ Memes
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    Just a book full of gay memes that I found in my gallery. Enjoy! • Also, just to make this clear: none of the images in here belong to me! I found them all on the internet, ranging from Instagram to Pinterest. I do not take credit for them! Thank you for reading!! :)

  • | Andromeda |
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    || Just a random new story. Nothing special. Also, this isn't fandom related. This || This isn't just any story. It's you. Well, not litterally. I mean, You're the character. Except.. You've lost all memory. How will you react? Only time will tell.

  • Gay memes
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    Gay memes or just random ones I find in my gallery

  • LGBTQ+ memes
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    Hi I'm pan 👋🏻 Gay? Great. Starts off as just bi memes, turns into various. Updates every Friday, or just whenever. Take a looksies inside this, bc you'll find: -lots of bisexual/gay shit -it's just gay in general memes at this point

  • LGBTQ Problems
    82.9K 4.4K 12

    Basically, problems that people in the LGBTQ community have! They can be humorous problems, but then yet again they can be pretty serious. Please, no one take offense to anything that is written in this book, I don't mean to offend anyone, nor am I trying to. This is just made to help out people in the LGBTQ communit...

  • Incorrect Quotes (ship children edition)
    37.6K 1.9K 200


  • My School In A Nutshell
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    memes & scenarios about my crackhead school