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  • A Long Way From Home
    118K 3.1K 14

    Actually save yourself from this. Leave now do not even click on this piece of crap I wrote it when I was 12 and would delete it if it didn't have so many reads. Really though spare yourself {FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE DAY NICO DI ANGELO WENT TO HOWARTS} After the war was over, and things settled down, Nico went back to b...

  • Nico goes to Hogwarts
    83K 879 7

    Harry learns a new kid is coming to hogwarts. A transfer from America. As soon as he watches him come out of the shadows he's convinced he's a deatheater. Nico di Angelo is a deatheater. Nico learns he was chosen to go on a quest to a school named Pig fa- Hogwarts to protect the golden trio, including the boy-who-just...

  • Lost Stars || Percy Jackson & Harry Potter
    49.1K 1.4K 6

    After the Giant War, the Gods declared Percy too powerful to exist. Sentencing him to (supposed) death, the last thing the Gods expected was for Percy to survive- and become even more powerful than he already was. When he finds out that he has another wacky power-crazed grandfather on his mother's side, the world had...

  • Harry Potter and the Norse Gods
    6.7K 389 26

    Following the events of 'Harry Potter and the Greek Gods', Alex Fierro and Magnus Chase take the place of their Greek and Roman counterparts at Hogwarts, joined by Nico di Angelo, Will Solace and - to quote Annabeth - a century-old huntress with anger issues. Tension is building in the wizarding world. They're prepari...

  • Harry Potter and the Greek Gods
    56.2K 1.6K 38

    The only contact Harry has had with Dumbledore all summer, is a decrepit note reading 'Be kind to strangers'. Meanwhile, the seven plus Nico, Clarisse and Calypso receive a cryptic prophecy and set off to Hogwarts looking for the answer. This book is set during the Order of the Phoenix for the Harry Potter crew, and f...

  • Nico in Hogwarts
    266K 7.8K 25

    So I've noticed that there are so many of these and I honestly love all of them. But for once I wanted tto try one, I don't own a thing! I wish I did but nope. All I own is the plot......All credits go to Rick the most amazing author in the world! I am not saying no other author writes great but let's face it his book...

  • I'm a Wizard. Bloody Wonderful.
    7.6K 220 23

    Percy Jackson is tired. (No sh*t, I hear everyone saying.) He wants peace; he wants time with Annabeth and his mom and Estelle; he wants to go to college and lead a safe, happy life. But when he discovers his heritage yet again, he's beginning to believe his life is a sick joke orchestrated by the Fates. Harry Potter...

  • Harry Potter meets Percy Jackson...... and His Mom!?
    1.1K 23 7

    One night Harry's dream show him something he can't get out of his mind. He's show the night he's parent's were murdered, or so he thought. His father is alive and his mother disappeared to who know's where. But the most surprising fact might be that young Harry Potter has an older brother. What happens when 7 exchang...

  • Death Breath, the Debt Collector. (PJO/HP XC)
    117K 4.2K 12

    hary potter x percy jackson fandom crossover Nico poses as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His mission was administered by Hades and Hectate- to befriend the Golden Trio and aid thier quest for the destruction of horcruxes/Dark Wizards. Set during the Order of the Pheonix/after Blood of Olymp...

  • Professor Di Angelo
    127K 3.4K 26

    *Harry Potter/Percy Jackson crossover* Nico is sick and tired of being shunned aside into the shadow of Percy Jackson. Nico finds refuge in a magical school, to be specific, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In return he must teach and protect the children that attend the school, no matter how boisterous. By...

  • Professor Nico- DISCONTINUED
    138K 4.2K 15

    Professor di Angelo goes to teach at Hogwarts after the war with Voldemort and a few years after the second giant war. I really hope it's better than the description. I am also not a middle aged guy nor a British woman, so I do not own PJO or Harry Potter.

  • Harry and Percy Potter
    106K 1.5K 17

    Harry and Percy are twins and are separated when they are five because they have different destinies. Percy goes on all of his quest and then he leaves to find his brother and no one ever knows about his twin. Harry never tells anyone about his twin but when he sees him again it's a big surprise. I might own a couple...

  • Percy Jackson-The New Hogwarts Teacher
    1.7M 53.6K 48

    The Giant war is over and Percy Jackson is spent. Finally there's a chance he can be with Annabeth for a while and he eagerly awaits the summer they have planned together. But when Hecate shows up and sends Percy on a new quest, it could be the by far stupidest thing he has ever done. He must be the new teacher at Hog...

  • Nico di Angelo: World of Magic
    1.9K 93 6

    Gaea's gone. So why is everything still in chaos? Leo's gone too. Countless campers have been lost. Percy and Annabeth can't sleep for fear of dreams of Tartarus; they're scarred. Piper wants her best friend back. Frank doesn't know what to do with his lifeline; it's still there. Hazel feels useless; she should've...

  • The Dark Lord's Grandchild
    198K 4.5K 14

    The Dark Lord had a grandchild that no one knew about. This grandchild had a story of their own from a totally different world. This grandchild was Percy Jackson, the savior of Olympus. Takes place during The Half-Blood Prince and after the Blood of Olympus. Keep reading to find out more.

    29.7K 686 21

    What if when our beloved hero Percy Jackson flees camp after being betrayed by the love of his life, he discovers that even his mother's family hides unknown secrets. With the discovery that Percy is actually the grandson of the infamous Voldemort, he is shipped off to Hogwarts, and there's just one question nobody in...

  • Nico Di Angelo is off to Hogwarts
    60.8K 1K 26

    There are so many versions of this and many have the same storyline but I wanted to make something special, unique, etc. My first fanfic so do feel free to criticize me on anything at all, and if I made any errors of the details, do tell! Nico di Angelo, a guy who people know as 'The Ghost King', is going to a place n...

  • A New Teacher At Hogwarts.
    33.8K 796 5

    Since the end of the Giant War, everything's been pretty calm for the demigods, but when hades comes to a certain ghost king with a strange offer and mysterious quest, the quiet ends. Join an 18 year old Nico Di Angelo as he attempts to become a teacher at a certain school named after a pig with a skin disease!! Disc...

  • [Demigods Quest to Hogwarts] PJO and HP Crossover
    131K 2K 23

    Nico, Percy, and Thalia are given a quest that only children of the Big Three can complete... together. They must go, to Hogwarts. (takes place in The Dark Prophecy) I got bored of all of the other nonaccurate Demigods go to Hogwarts and the only good one I found was updated 2 years ago so I figured I'd write my own

  • Professor Nico Di Angelo [DISCONTINUED]
    56.5K 936 23

    It was a couple years after the Battle of Hogwarts. A lot of people were finally getting over their shock of the war. Well, most. There were still plenty of people who were still grieving their friends or family's or people they just knew's death. George, for instance, hasn't told or did a prank in months after his tw...

  • Professor Di Angelo [DISCONTINUED!]
    105K 3.1K 23

    { ADOPTED: SEE @little_puddle_ } Nico, son of Hades, Ghost King & boyfriend of Will Solace, is off to teach at Hogwarts! Why? Because Hecate demanded that he did. And Hades wants the ghosts underground; where they belong. This takes place in the imaginary setting of 8th year @ Hogwarts. Art is not mine.

  • Son of Hades Goes To Hogwarts
    175K 4.1K 32

    This takes place in an AU where the seven have died and Nico, Reyna and Will are sent off to Hogwarts.

  • Percy Hogwarts?
    213K 5.6K 19

    I'm bad at summaries so please just try and read this. Percy Jackson goes up Hogwarts (hence the title) undercover and find out how it goes. This is only a short story so don't expect millions of chapters or anything. I made the cover, yay! (I do not get the point of these) I am not a middle aged man people. I am a t...

  • Black Magic: Nico visits Hogwarts
    230K 7.3K 19

    Nico Di Angelo is summoned away from Camp Halfblood to a magical world that even a war hardened hero like him couldn't dream of. He is there with a mission, but will a couple of meddling witches and wizards get in the way? THE AUTHOR CHAPTERS ARE PART OF THE STORY!

  • Hogwarts gains +1 ghost king
    162K 5.3K 15

    After the Second titan war, Nico has gone back to doing jobs for his father. When Lord Hades (Pluto if you're roman like me) issues Nico to go under cover as a wizard to finds pieces of a particularly tricky soul, he enrolls at hogwarts to find that the the wizards get community is quite different (and much harder) th...

  • Sliver Of Shadow
    103K 3.2K 21

    Hades reluctantly sends his son, Nico di Angleo, on a quest to Hogwarts.... obviously someone needs decapitating. A/N: This story was originally on by qZhao but they put it up for adoption and gave it to me. And I don't own anyone in this story. They belong to Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling.

  • Magic And Demigods (A Solangelo Goes To Hogwarts)
    164K 4.5K 37

    It's been six years since the war with Gaea, Will and Nico are happily still together and living life peacefully. That is until Apollo decides that Hogwarts is in need of two new professors that can save the school from something they don't know of yet. Will and Nico will have to pack their bags and go to Hogwarts to...

  • Drowning Words (Percy Jackson crossover)
    57 1 3

    Thirteen demigods set off on a quest to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While there they meet Harry Potter, a kid with no sense of self preservation. Harry is sceptical about being their friend because he has his suspicions about who they really are and where their loyalties lie. While at school Harry noti...

  • Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the American Incoming
    5.6K 161 19

    The end of the summer approaches. Percy and Annabeth are ready to take on their senior year, together. All their plans were laid out. They were enrolled in a Manhattan high school, Frank and Hazel were settled in New Rome, with frequent visits to camp half-blood of course, and Leo and Calypso had finally arrived back...

  • Demigods go to hogwarts
    125K 1.7K 15

    [Completed] This takes place after the Deathly Hallows and after the Giant War. Nobody important dies, thankfully, nobody at Hogwarts is a demigod or demigoddess that knows that they are.