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  • Bullied For Christ
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    [CURRENTLY EDITING/ REWRITTING SOME PARTS] "It's quite easy, you know," he said, a mischievous smile forming on his lips. "What do you mean?" I sniffed up, wiping my tears with my palms. More silence filled the room as I looked away, unable to hold his stares for too long. Whatever he wanted to say next must be chall...

  • Feminine Fatality
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    "How long have you two been living with each other?" "Too long," Lancy said, just as Beni replied, "two years." They shot each other a look, and because Beni came from a family of extremists, she shot out an elbow, too. It landed prettily under Lancy's ribs; the result of practicing the maneuver often. "I deal with e...