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  • Marvel's The Titan (Male Reader X MCU)
    1.5M 36.7K 77

    You are Y/N L/N, and under strange circumstances, you gain fantastical abilities. Let's see how your story unfolds when you cross paths with The Avengers. All rights belong to Disney and Marvel Entertainment. I don't own anything.

  • Venompool - Marvel (MCU) X Male Reader
    701K 19.8K 66

    The collaboration of Deadpool and Venom - two of the greatest Anti-heroes in comic history that take the form of Y/N L/N. The adventures and origin story of Y/N L/N and how he becomes a crucial cog in the Avenger engine. WARNING! - SWEARING, EXTREME VIOLENCE AND MATURE THEMES. PROCEED WITH CAUTION Cover Art by @SEKR...

    Completed   Mature
  • ~•The Devils Rules•~ [Discontinued]
    194K 2.9K 26

    Male Demon reader insert So basically you did some shit and got sent down to hell. Yes your a sinner not hellborn (Sorry I'm bad at discriptions so bare with me here) you aimlessly walked around hell for a while doing some deal making or whatever getting drunk as much as possible and got stronger. Few years and you st...

  • The Last Lavabender (Toph x male reader)
    287K 5.4K 24

    I'm the world of ATLA, two earthbenders had found unique ways to use their bending, one uses it to see, while the other can change the very earth itself into molten lava. Follow these two as they travel with the Avatar and his friend to take down the fire nation. Will take place in book 2 going forwards Credit to Dea...

  • One Piece: The Other Half (Male reader)
    152K 2.8K 46

    Disclaimer One Piece is owned by Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, Viz Media and Shōnen. I'm in no way affiliated with any of them in any way. Please support the official release. As Luffy heads in his adventure starting in the East Blue, there is another pirate heading on a journey as well. Join the the pirate (Y/N) make the...

  • Sans-ational adventure (Konosuba x Male reader)
    377K 14.4K 170

    There. I did it So now perhaps you guys will finally leave me alone ?

  • Jurassic Moe!
    121K 1.8K 12

    When Y/n is an Dinosaur keeper, he learns that these Dinos have feelings for this him. Inspired by @D3m0nm4n

  • Forbidden love (MGE harem fanfic)
    148K 2K 79

    After the rise of the demon queen, most bloodthirsty monsters changed into more humanoid variants of said monsters. After decades of watching men, children, and husbands get carried away; a resistance was formed to wipe out the monsters once and for all. Nearly five years of war later most humans either fear or hate...

  • Sonic X x Male Reader
    265K 6K 76

    At a base in the middle of the night. The evil Dr. Eggman took the seven Chaos Emeralds and a hostage. Sonic the Hedgehog, the speedy hero came to save the day, but what he didn't expect was him meeting someone with lots of mystery. I do not own Sonic X or the Sonic franchise.

  • FNaF: Security Breach (Male Reader Insert) [DISCONTINUED/GETTING REBOOTED]
    92.5K 2.3K 8

    [NOT COMPLETED] After waking up in a mall called the "Mega Pizzaplex", a man named Y/n finds himself without his memories... and that he's trapped in the mall. Now he must escape with a boy named Gregory with the help of Freddy Fazbear. However, almost everything in the Pizzaplex seems to be after them, and Y/n seems...

    Completed   Mature
  • Weird. Horrible. Ass. Town. Gravity Falls x Male reader/OC
    469K 13.3K 32

    Adrain Pines is the oldest adopted son of the Pines family, who unfortunately had to leave for the summer along with his two young siblings, to stay with their Great Uncle Stan for the summer, who lives in a mysterious, sleepy town in Oregon named Gravity Falls. Or as Adrain calls it, "W.H.A.T"

  • Heaven In Hell (Suicide Squad Girls X Male Reader)
    665K 26.5K 63

    You know the drill convicts. A lot more obscure characters in this one but I'm sure you'll like it more than the first dc story. #1 in xmalereader 9/17/21 #1 in punchline 9/17/21 #1 in Blackfire 10/3/21 #1 in Ravager 10/3/21 #1 in Ratcatcher2 4/17/22

  • My tomboyish girlfriend (Male Reader) - (Hiatus)
    77.3K 1.8K 22

    Meet (Y/N), a quiet and attractive middle school boy, he thought his life was just repetitive, but it changed when he stumbled upon a someone, and it was a woman, but wearing a men's uniform, not just any other uniforms, the same as his wearing, and there he met his tomboyish girlfriend. (ON HOLD FOR NOW)

  • Outcast (Yandere Cheater x Male Reader)
    464K 5K 17

    My First ever Co-Story with rising Author @isaacdt, He and I bring you the Story of (Y/n), we're both writing in style and flow as we write this story and make our followers happy, Hope you Enjoy! Go follow @isaacdt, I've been reading his stories...needless to say...I love them

  • Y/n alola adventure
    103K 1.2K 29

    Y/n is a young trainer who join's the pokemon school at the same time that ash does what new adventures will Y/n have with his friends read to find out

  • Hero's Dagger
    292K 5.5K 33

    Y/N was a just a normal guy who loved to play video games and watch anime every now and then. Y/N was good at games that's why he and his friends began a video game company where they created online games. One day when Y/N was sent to research ideas for a new fantasy game he went to the library and found an interestin...

  • The Supernatural Gamer [Highschool DxD x OP Male Reader]
    273K 3.9K 21

    Y/n Kagehara just normal teenager that like to read manga, light novel and play video game. One day, he end up dead. How he end up dead? Blame the Truck-kun. He then being send to the void. the next thing that happen is... *Ding* [Would you like to be reincarnated?] [Y/N] Y/n then push the [Y] button and with him is O...

  • Kuoh Reacts To "Y/n And The Supernatural Misunderstanding"
    210K 3K 21

    everyone(In Dxd But before big fight against Riser) Is Called To react to Something Incredible About One Normal And Average Student From Kuoh Academy Named (Y/n)(L/n) But How Will the Humans React to The Supernatural And How will the supernatural React to the Incredible Feats that (Y/n) Pulls Off.

  • Craziest Job Yet. (Yandere Fem CEO's x male reader)
    122K 2.5K 17

    It was another day for the wandering man known as Y/N who does various small, odd, and temporary jobs to make a living for himself. He never stays working in a company for the long term, and never will due to disliking staying in a work building/area for too long, and likes to job hop and be a freelancer with the perk...

  • Our Gamer boy.~(Yandere Super Smash Bros girls x male teen reader.
    469K 8.9K 55

    Y/N L/N is a 15-year-old Super smash bros fan that's been playing the franchise since he was 4 years old, all the way back to super smash bros for the n64. Now, it was another normal day for him, just playing a few games of online play when all of a sudden his TV screen went blank and only a message displayed that sai...

  • Our little darling~Yandere motherly succubus x abused child reader. Discontinued
    164K 1.9K 25

    Y/N never had a happy childhood, to begin with. His parents gave him away to his abusive relatives when he was 3 yrs old and his life since has been hell. He was constantly hit, yelled at, did all of the chores with little food and little to no love at all. So by the time he turned 6 yrs old, his relatives decided to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Naruto's Adoptive Brother (AU Naruto x Male!Reader)
    219K 4.9K 20

    (F/N) (L/N) was an orphan, he was treated like an outcast by the other kids. Everything changed when Naruto came to his life. Updates every weekend. Any suggestions regarding to the story, just PM me. Completed: 10/14/17

  • Naruto X Male Reader
    1.4M 37.1K 61

    (Naruto Anime x Male Reader) Y/n isn't your average ninja,and no one will stop him from accomplishing his goal...

  • Persona 5: The Phantom Ghost.
    14.1K 215 47

    After playing persona 5 I have this awesome story I just had to write! Please read and leave a comment!

  • Avatar x Male Reader
    1.2M 37.9K 56

    Why do people fear fire? The big body of Water is called the ocean... Then there is the Earth itself...a giant piece of rock... And then the Air we breathe...the large invisible Air...essential for all life... But a big body of Fire takes that all away... It burns the earth,covering it in flames... It takes the oxygen...

  • The Ultimate Shonen Jump Hero
    257K 3.8K 200

    You are Y/n L/n You live with your Parents in Tokyo Japan, and You have to best Friends, And your the most overpowered Person in the Universe! That's all you need to know

  • A New Love Life (Mangle x Male Reader)
    98.4K 956 17

    This story is originally made by another author. I'm just filling in for him. By the way, this is all edited by me. If you want to see the real story, look it up on Google at this website.

  • The Fox Demon (Alastor x Demon!M!Reader) [COMPLETED!]
    859K 23.2K 31

    "For the last time Alastor, stop teleport me whenever you like when I'm trying to enjoy my day!" "Oh but honey, I know you love it!" 'Fox' or his real name, M/n is a powerful demon that the only demon can against a Radio Demon known as Alastor who had fall head over heels with Fox Demon for months since the day they...

  • Blade Dance: My Hero Academia x Male! Kuudere! Reader insert [DISCONTINUED]
    69.7K 1.7K 44

    A story of a world where dream can become reality. Where 80% of the population of 7.9 Billion has a superpower called a Quirk. Which every one has a unique one. This story follows the tale of a young man, where his quirk looked like a powerful one, but infact an almost useless quirk. Being born with a personality typ...