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  • Tangled the Series: Go The Distance (Varian x Reader) Book 1
    417K 11.5K 85

    It's a bit of struggle living in Corona when you have a hard time remembering. That didn't help especially when you feel like you don't belong there. The events don't change, but what if you being there changes it for the better. Whose to say; maybe you were there not only to help yourself through this journey, but to...

  • Tangled the Series: Wavering Hearts (Varian x Reader) Book 2
    128K 3.6K 61

    The Journey Begins. Evil follows you, Varian, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra without you all knowing. You've remembered everything and now it's time to find the mystery behind The Lost Kingdom of Sanghelios. Many things happen between the group, especially you and Varian. Though there is a main mysterious secret that...