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  • All These Colors |BoyxBoy|
    136K 8.6K 10

    A light hearted story about two artists and the meaning of colors on emotions.

  • Loving Marcello
    5.9M 201K 42

    Shout-out to @Grace_Harding for this gorgeous cover! After having her heart broken by the boy she'd been in love with her whole life, Brimmy Somell decides to take a little...vacation. Little does she know, it turns out to be much more permanent than she had originally thought. After meeting tall, sexy, and mysterious...

  • Creature (CENTURIES series: Book #7)
    6.5M 275K 33

    "What are you?" "Lethal." • • • Humans and Creatures. That's what mankind has come to. Some humans were locked up as infants and genetically altered for the purpose of making a stronger specie, and now their offspring have to be tested to see if they are safe to put out into the real world. Having been locked up in se...

  • Knockout Boys
    1.4M 79.8K 27

    Not every kid starts high school in sophomore year. Then again, not every kid is a scrawny gay nerd named Rocky Apollo living in Bum Ass Nowhere, USA. Not every kid has to put up with constant bullying from a childhood friend. As if that weren't enough, Rocky has caught the attention of the volatile school bully, who...

  • How To Disappear Completely ✔
    232K 12K 27

    Colin Perez wants to disappear but one boy wants to see him all the time. Cover bg @lucidmelancholy [Extended Summary Inside]

  • Knight
    7M 249K 57

    COMPLETED [boyxboy] Mason Maloney has lived his whole life in the shadow of his twin brother, Nathan, star quarterback of the football team. While Nathan impresses everyone in town with his athleticism, Mason spends his afternoons working at the local bakery. His rather mundane life becomes more interesting when his...

  • a demon's touch | ✓
    119K 355 1

    [nsfw content: completed 5/5.] in which a curse leaves her especially sensitive to a demon's sinful touch. ++++ Nathan grins. "Wanna see a magic trick?" Before any party can react, his hand wraps around her wrist, the curse - powered touch sends her back arched and entire body wound tight as painfully intense sensati...

  • How to Punch Soren McKinin | ✓
    9.2M 485K 54

    Soren McKinin; the disappointment of the family, the child his parents wished did not belong to them, the type fathers warned their daughters not to date. Anger issues, a heartless brute that got into fights and saw the world as dark grey, helpless and pointless lump of rock. He was incapable of happiness, of love. ...

  • Taming the Bad Boy [BxB]
    18.3M 794K 93

    A school for deliquents and somehow Sam ends up sharing the same dorm as the school's biggest bad boy. Sam doesn't fit in with the agressive students all out to cause mayhem and so no one can figure out how someone as shy and timid as Sam ended up in this notorious school.

    Completed   Mature
  • Obsession [BXB]
    9.7M 415K 63

    ''Every time you lose...I get to claim a body part''

    Completed   Mature
  • It's All For You
    605K 14.4K 60

    Parker Rose avoids trouble. In fact, she's so clumsy and gullible, trouble avoids her. Florencio Foster is the exact opposite of her. Trouble loves him. But, opposites attract, right? - "Beg me." My face burned, and something else. He corrupted me, damaged me in a way so perfect-I loved it. I raised my eyes to his...

  • In the Language of the Flowers
    14.7K 977 50

    {⚣} "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen. You know that, don't you? I want to paint you more than I've ever wanted to paint anyone. I want to mix the color of your hair and fold myself into it. I want to shape the curve of your lips." I touched my thumb to his cupid's bow. His eyes glazed over and flicker...

  • rosebud || PURE book 1
    175K 4.8K 21

    "Artemis! What do you expect us to do? He's out of control." Zeus growls, leaning back against his council chair. His finger tips impatiently tap against the arm. Artemis, the Goddess of the moon, just continued to plead, staring down every last council member. "Please, I can fix this. Don't do this to my child." She...

  • Red Riding The Alpha
    14.2M 320K 73

    ❝Let me make that tingling sensation in between your thighs disappear, it will take only a moment, Red.❞ Red lived in a small town in Pennsylvania with her grandmother. The town was known to invite supernatural creatures every year. Whenever the mating season struck, it was a ritual for young women, human or not to st...

  • Adore
    142K 6.3K 5

    "I was yours the moment I saw you and I'm still yours now. Just like you're mine, Princess. Forever." ~ She was the quiet girl that tried her best to stay invisible yet would managed to capture the attention of everyone by just her mere presence. He was the loud boy that caused trouble where ever he went yet would be...

  • Cepheus (BoyxBoy)
    63.8K 2.4K 13

    a water nymph and the Vampire King a more perfect match had never been made by the gods • Book 3 in Dominant Series

  • ICARUS [wattys longlist 2018]
    158K 9K 24

    They walk like men. They talk like men. They seduce like men. But they are not men. For centuries, the pack has survived by sending its wolves to the human world to find a suitable mate. If the Moon Goddess finds her acceptable, she will transform and join the pack as a werewolf. If she fails, she will remain human, a...

  • damien the irresistible
    73.2K 1.1K 5

    [nsfw content: sexual situations.] "You swear up and down you hate me, that I'm an asshole, and this other shit but then. . . then I touch you, and you just can't resist. The ice queen melts in the palm of my hand. Can't help but turn into my good obedient girl, doing any and everything I say 'cause the fact is, you w...

  • The Wallflower's Revenge [PUBLISHED]
    37.3M 1.2M 52

    Russian heiress Tatiana Rostova thought that her 'happily ever after' would be with her beloved fiance. However, the people she cared about most betrayed her and left her dying. Saved by a handsome Italian duke, a plan of revenge blooms. ******* Tatiana Rostova took upon herself to seek revenge on the two people she l...

  • Bad Boy Roommate ✔︎✔︎
    9.1M 277K 70

    after a prank gone terribly wrong, hayden jones is sent across country to caldwell academy, a school for the bitchy, the dangerous and the rebellious. and if that wasn't bad enough, it becomes much worse when hayden is accidentally put in the male dormitory, landing her in a room with the school's notorious heartbreak...

  • Angel Dust
    358K 12.3K 46

    New York. Where cold concrete meets soft clouds and a block is longer than a mile. Crowded streets and sidewalks leave no space for people who can't keep up. It's a world of fight or flight but it's more fight than the ladder. Crime runs ramped and the police gave up hope long ago. People snatched left and right te...

    Completed   Mature
  • Urban Divinity
    364K 20.6K 34

    He slowly backs up until his back is against the wall like my own, "Your.. my neighbor?" He points to my door and I nod my head quickly. He hums softly, "You been here a while?" He asks and I nod my head once again. He chuckles, "Ya head hurt?" I nod again but stop as he laughs softly, "I-I mean.. no.. it doesn't." My...

  • Opposites Attract
    373K 7.4K 64

    "Once upon a time an Angel and a Devil fell in love..." A story with millions of endings but very few actually live it. Except for Caroline and Apollo. "I loved her but not for the way she danced with my Angels but for the way the sound of her name could silence my Demons" Caroline Roberts grew up like a princess. Per...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falsely Convicted (G!SansxFrisk)
    63K 2.3K 40

    Frisk's world has just fallen apart. She's innocent and afraid in a prison of dangerous monsters, figuratively and literally. There's something going down and Frisk isn't prepared for it. That is until he steps in. Angry, cold, cruel and...charming? Frisk can't help but become friends with him, and maybe start to fe...

  • In 27 Days (Watty Award Winner 2012)
    40.7M 1.6M 38

    Hadley Jamison doesn't know what to think when she hears that her classmate, Archer Morales, committed suicide. She didn't exactly know him, but that doesn't stop her from feeling like there was something she could have done to help him. So to Hadley's surprise, on the very night of Archer's funeral, she has a r...

  • Little Thief [BXB]
    1.3M 80.7K 56

    When a cheeky detective finds himself infatuated with a particular thief that he just keeps bumping into... how will he keep his desires at bay when everyone knows a detective and a thief cannot fall in love.

    Completed   Mature
  • Nicholas Grey Must Not Die | ✓
    37.1K 1.8K 21

    Nicholas Grey was a player. It was a simple fact. He sat atop the class pyramid at Kingston High. With his secretly good grades, athletic skills and beyond Adonis good looks, he was a force to be reckoned with. In an attempt to get back at him for playing them all simultaneously, five girls have set up a plan to brin...

  • The Downside to Perfection ✔
    14.9K 1.2K 18

    Jason King is perfect. Whether it's the British accent, his flawless fashion sense or having been able to pick up life again after having been through trauma as a result from his kidnapping, everyone agrees that this man is immaculate. However, things are never the way they appear to the eye. While hiding his inner ba...

  • My Mate
    2.6M 100K 34

    BxB --------- Torin Frey has a crush. With his eighteenth birthday right around the corner, he'll soon be able to identify his Mate. Hopefully it's the male he's always had his eyes on.

  • The Alpha's Little Witch | Completed ✔️
    8.3M 336K 65

    An Alpha and a witch, one cruel, one kind. Who will win and who will lose in this mateship? Will they come out of it hand-in-hand or part ways when the truth is revealed?

    Completed   Mature