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  • -If Only- Jaeyong
    26K 1.2K 34

    Taeyong should have known that Mr. Jung, his own boyfriend's father, was nothing but trouble... He should have seen coming.... It was so wrong but it felt so right..... From quick glances to teasing touches, things started spiraling out of control.... Until it got to Taeyong's breaking point. (#1 Yutae 🥇) (#2 Jaeyong...

    Completed   Mature
    482K 23.5K 47

    "Don't touch me!" Taeyong has a mysophobia and Jaehyun takes interest in him and his odd behaviour when they happen to run into each other. Later they find out that they go to same college. SANGCHUTAE © 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm only Gay for you | Jungil
    7.6K 296 36

    A ship called Jungil as in Jungwoo and Taeil from A group called NCT. They just start a new job together from being friends all through middle school and primary school. As their friendship becomes more than friends. Warning: Some smut A bit of cute 13+ is advised I'm doing this book for the lols Book start: 23/March...

  • snake <Jaeyong>
    43.4K 1.7K 25

    Taeyong is cold blooded and gets bullied in school because he needs to dress warm and has two different eye colors and jaehyun notices it (i am bad at descriptions lmao) Warning⚠️: Angst Curse words Bad spelling And a lot of drama (I came up with this idea because I have two ball pythons lmao🐍😂 English isn't my nat...

  • You're mine | straykids hyunin
    30.9K 793 19

    Jeongin didn't know what is that feelings so he asked Hyunjin

  • Rain || Minsung
    60.6K 4.6K 26

    "Your smile was really cute despite the rain." ---•••--- Where Minho and Jisung falls in love innocently at a young age. Despite the two falling in love it doesn't always come with a happy ending or does it? --•-- RANKINGS: #187 in h...