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  • twice groupchat | crack/gay chat
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    9 crackheads in one crackfilled group chat

  • rants | personal
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    personal junk of yours truly, read at your own risk.

  • dump | edits
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    where I drop all the edits I make to live | open for requests

  • happy family | bts [ slow updates ]
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    Namjoon and Seokjin decided to adopt kids to strengthen their relationship and just to feel like a happy family. But, can they handle to have 5 different kids? • namjin + rest of bangtan [SLOW UPDATES] cover ; @FLAWEDGFX

  • ONLINE||YeonjunXReader
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    "What's your last name?" "LOL, not so fast babygirl!" I sighed as the expected answer popped up on my screen, why was I getting attached to a person I've not even seen. So , I will be publishing a TXT member's story now lmao, PLease read it , thanks loves

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    Kim Taehyung a 19 year old college student needs a babysitter.

  • The Confusion|| Beomgyu ff(on Hold Till 7may)
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    "Tilt your leg, I need better access"he said "no" I shouted love or friendship. What would you choose? I hope you like this one too guys💕💕 started- 08/03/2019

  • HER MUSE ||J.JK ff
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    "You're just perfect baby boy?" "We'll decide the roles later baby girl" Jeongguk smirked pushing SoRa to the wall. I hope you guys like this book. Please give it your love thanks :))💞💞

  • Cold Move | min yoongi | discontinued
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    [discontinued] Min Yoongi, he is a lonely soul with a sad heart. His only friend, died and he lost much more will to live. He meets a guy with a miserable life too, Kim Seokjin. He also met the friend of Seokjin, Jimin. They changed Yoongi's 'cold hearted image'. But he fell for the both of them, what would he do? Who...

  • ARMYS ! public group chat for ARMYS
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    welcome to this group chat where you can chat with your fellow armys, meet friends, and talk about stuff about our dear bangtan ! ♡ also consist of random stuff like tags, etc cover made by me ♥

  • High School || Park Jimin X Reader[ON HOLD]
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    What happens when you meet a boy group in your new school , read to find out!! A/N: Expect lots of fluff ,since I am damnnnn cringey(hahaha) . I am an ot7 stan but I love Tae a lil bit more but Jimin is more fanfiction appealing ,so, here I go This is myfirst book so I won't be surprised if it would be trash(LMAO) . ...

  • Silver|| Soobin X Reader (on Hold Till 7may)
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    "Is money what all you want?" he growled pinning me to the wall "Be mine, I will give you all of it" I don't know if people really like the stories but I love writing them. hehe , dorky authore iknow I hope you like reading this one :) started: 9/03/2019

  • bad guy | oneshot ✓
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    Cover by @bangtanination what does a bad guy do? › inspired from song bad guy by billie eilish Now Playing: Bad Guy by Billie Eilish 0:00 |───────── 3:26 |◁ II ▷| ∞ ↺ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %