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  • Head Over Heels
    243 9 1

    No one writes this so I did because I love it so much. It's a great ship.

  • (Jude Lizowski x OC) Of Skateboards and Coffeehouses
    922 26 1

    Jude from 6teen x OC. Another old one from Quizilla. Enjoy!

  • Oneshots!
    5.4K 55 16

    A book of oneshots from some of my favorite fandoms. Total Drama 6Teen Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc The Arcana Ouran High School Host Club

  • 6teen Wyatt and Caitlin FanFiction
    349 4 4

    Something may be going on in Wyatt's head, he feels he may be starting to develop feelings for one of his best friends Caitlin. Wyatt doesn't know if Caitlin feels the same about him. What will happen between the 2? And what will Wyatt do about his extreme feelings for Caitlin? And what will Caitlin do about his feeli...

  • Do I Ship?
    42.2K 957 149

    This is a multifandom ship review. I take requests from readers, and I will rate the ships. Warning: I often get off topic and talk about random stuff. Spoiler Alert btw

  • 6teen (Male Reader x Caitlin)
    8.5K 106 7

    (Y/N) and Caitlin start to have feelings for each other and they don't know how to tell each other