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  • When Worlds Collide- A Selection Roleplay
    2.7K 236 34

    A Selection Roleplay.

  • Half-Blood Highschool (Greek Mythology Roleplay)
    885 22 9

    I wanted to make a new roleplay, hopefully it will be successful like my other high school roleplay. I am very excited to start this. let me know if you have any questions about what will happen in the roleplay. i will have a few people helping me manage the roleplay.

  • A Curse For A Crown; A Selection Roleplay
    7K 575 48

    a literate roleplay run by me (Fern), Ishy, and Sammy see inside for teaser Cover by Sammy

  • Escape while you have the chance (closed)
    1.2K 26 6

    A escape room Roleplay (closed)

  • Lakeside High; A Magic Academy Roleplay
    514 15 3

    A magic academy roleplay in since with Snowfang's roleplay 'Magic Academy: A command game'

  • Hero Academy ~ Roleplay (Gen2 OPEN)
    9.6K 111 27

    Most of the people in this world have powers. People can be a level 0 to a level 5. People with level 3 and higher can become heros. Level 5 is very rare and only some are that powerful. Join, Maybe you will become a hero. You will start your training and Hero Academy.

  • Missing; A Greek Demigod Role-play
    1.6K 36 9

    Hecate, the goddess of magic, was cast out of Olympia, her children's cabin at Camp Half-Blood Destroyed. Now, Hecate is scheming revenge, planning to steal two of each of the major gods and goddesses children. She will capture them, throwing them into wherever she's hiding. What she does next, no one knows.

  • Broken Crowns and Burning Roses - A Medevial Royal Selection RP
    1K 23 13

    Princess Aura. Born to one of the four elemental kingdoms, Fire. Her father, King Tomas, finally opens the doors of the castle after twelve years of tight security and locked gates. The princess is turning 20 and all eligible Princes and Lords from the four kingdoms are invited to try and win the princess's hand. But...

  • New age, new problems ( Future RP)
    1.6K 36 5

    The year is 3000 and the world is suffering from many different problems like how some parts of the world is suffering through extreme natural disasters. Aliens are invading, though some are nice. To deal with the evil ones, humans were given shots and training to gain powers, was genetically altered into something th...

  • Delinquents Roleplay
    391 8 4

    In this roleplay troubled teens in the ages 15 to 18 are taken to a facility to rehabilitate them. This includes kids with a dark past, depressed kids, kids who have gone to jail, alchoholics, drug addicts, kids who have broken laws and joined gangs. Will you stay on the dark side or will you let the captains lead yo...

  • Island of powers (roleplay)
    9.6K 111 32

    Cover by @Cinder- A roleplay

  • Lonely Heart a Selection RP (THE END)
    974 59 32

    Once Upon a Time in the Kingdom of Genovia, There lived a young girl who's parents where killed during a rebel attack. Now the evil royal counsil forced her to have a selection in hopes of finding her perfect king and true love ¿Will there be trouble along the way or will there be peace and live happily ever after? W...

  • Werewolf RP
    565 14 4

    basically you all live in a huge forest, everyone has a second gender and you meet other. by second gender I mean Alpha, beta, delta, and Omega.

  • Miraculous rp
    18.9K 289 59


  • Zodiac RP - OPEN
    3.5K 25 11

    What if the western Zodiac signs were real teens in the real world?

  • Miraculous way!
    2.8K 199 29

    So basically you can choose between my ocs or making one yourself . And well ya.hehe.also the villain in this story isn't ya! I am Master fu but the name is Mistress V. Ok let's do this crazyness! (Cover by @emmaagrestecouffaine

  • Percy Jackson RP
    3.4K 96 13

    The title tells all

  • One Last Time (A Miraculous Ladybug rp)
    1.7K 94 12

    After defeating Hawk Moth, Chat Noir and Ladybug stopped seeing each other less and less until finally one day, Ladybug stopped showing up. The same thing happens with Marinette and Adrien. Marinette sees less of Adrien thanks to him being with Kagami and it slowly eats away at her. Clemence, knowing the truth about...

  • Paradise Love a Selection RP (THE END)
    979 55 33

    Once Upon a Time, in the Kingdom of Ilea, A royal family must hold a selection for the children in order to mantain the kingdom's balance ¿Will there be love or rebelions along the way? You'll find out in Paradise Love a Selection RP

  • Change Is Good | Group Next Gen Disney Highschool Roleplay |
    3.6K 131 28

    Where the children of various Disney characters, princesses, princes and the like will attend.

  • Freedom University (Open)
    2.2K 57 8

    School Roleplay with Mythical Creatures

  • Will you be mine? - SELECTION RP
    8K 277 47

    A DRAMA FILLED ROLE PLAY LIKE NO OTHER. It has: POWERS, POINTS, DRAMA and the ability to do whatever you like! Including trying to poison someone... In a radioactive world where humans have learnt to evolve and grow powers, a selection is held for the three triplets who not only have to compete for the throne, but fin...

  • Random Roleplay Book- Open!
    91 2 3

    This book is NOT FOR ROLEPLAYERS WITH HIGH STANDARDS. here are the rules: You need to do more than JUST your oc, I will so some characters but I cannot do them all I only need you to do a few not too many. For example, in Zak Storm, just Golden Bones, Zak, and Calabrass should be enough. I'll do whichever ones out of...

  • One Big Family
    606 12 10

    Yes. I made another book. Deal with it. This one is a PJO roleplay, with other book series that I will add in that I won't tell you right now because it is a surprise. There will be a quest for the most active people, so be aware of that. I think that's all, so see you later.

  • Stranded
    4.9K 60 10

    15 kids wake up and have no idea where they are, or who they are. Nothing but names. Will you live, or will you be one that dies?

  • Disney/Dreamworks Arrange Marriage RP (THE END)
    1.7K 34 21

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Disney/Dreamworks, a land of beauty and honor. The advisor sent invitations to all The Kingdoms of Disney Each Royal, Fairy and Outcasts will be arriange to marry. ¿Will they fall in love or will they hate each other? Welcome to Disney/Dreamworks Arriange Marriage RP

  • Disney Selection RP (THE END)
    2K 57 19

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Disney, a land of beauty and honor. The Royal advisors sent invitations to all The Kingdoms of Disney Each Princess, Prince and fairies will be holding a selection to mantain the balance between each kingdom. ¿Will they fall in love or will they hate each other? Welcome to Disney Selection...