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  • Dragon Prince
    283K 8.9K 22

    What if Hiccup was taken instead of Valka? What if he was taken by a Night Fury? Find out what he becomes...

  • One last time... (tw/tmr crossover)
    21.7K 659 30

    Tw/tmr crossover Teresa was confused. She was supposed to have died. But somehow she didn't. And she's not the only one. She found a place where people knew her. But not as Teresa, as someone else. When the other gladers need her help, will her old friends come with them? Or will the groups be divided? They have to go...

  • Jughead Martin
    4.6K 139 5

    This is a story where Jughead Jones is actually Cody Martin. I don't know how far this will go because I have other ideas for the same idea, I will update if there is a different story

  • OUAT Watches Themselves
    29.9K 412 26

    Read the title!!!! I don't own these shows and characters.

  • Watching Maleficent with Descendants (ON HOLD)
    2.8K 56 1

    The people of Auradon with learn the true story about Maleficent.

  • Today's the Day (Merlin Fanfiction)
    75.3K 2.3K 9

    Merlin is the lost prince of Maelyss. What happens when knights from his long since lost kingdom, knights that Merlin believed to be dead for years, come to Camelot seeking help in finding their prince and taking back their kingdom? Secrets are revealed, obstacles will arise for Merlin and Arthur, but can they overc...

  • The Prince Of Her Dreams [Mal x Ben Story]
    20.5K 381 24

    What happens if ben was the villain kid and mal was the Auradon princess? | Awards | 4/24/20 - #1 in Bal 3/12/20 - #1 in Devie

  • Descendants 3: Hades's Ember
    2.6K 58 5

    Four VKs came from the island A daughter of Maleficent A daughter of the Evil Queen A son of Cruella A son of Jafar One made it outside A daughter of Ursula Four more are going to leave Two of the first mate One of the step sister One of the witch doctor Many more wait for their turn. But one villain with connectio...

  • °BACK HOME° ||On Hold||
    22.7K 444 10

    All he wanted was to be different~ He needed Change~ He did change~ ~BUT THE PAST CAME RUSHING BACK~ ||RIVERDALE x SUITE LIFE CROSSOVER||

  • The Suite Life of Riverdale
    5.8K 121 3

    Bailey and Cody were together, keyword being "were." Bailey turned on Cody one day, taking videos of him behind his back and editing them and showing it to everyone. Making him the laughing stock of the ship. A few years later, the Suite Life group were taking a vacation to a town called Riverdale. While they were the...

  • We Go Where No One Goes
    46.7K 804 19

    Part 1: Hiccup runs away with Toothless when Gobber announces that he will be killing the Monstrous Nightmare. Three years later, he flys back to Berk when he finds out one of his mortal enemies plan to invade it and kill everyone he loves. Will he succeeded? How will the village react? Part 2: It's been two years sin...

  • Princess Marinette of China and England
    23.2K 390 8

    Marinette dupain-cheng is a normal girl, except from being Lady bug of course. She's sweet, smart and kind, loved by all her class mates. But when she her class is going to China for the princess' cornation what will she do. And how will she keep it from her friends. ....

  • Once Again
    33.3K 582 7

    Wierd title I know . Marinette is the princess of china and she is soon to go there once again. Ages are around 15 and 16 and 17 more detail in the book Marinette does celebrate her birthday during the book. No one knows accept for Madame Boustier about her royalty.

  • Work Of Art - Lucaya
    72.9K 1.8K 18

    When Maya has nowhere else to go she turns to Lucas Lucas hadn't seen Maya in over 4 years Can they become the way they were all those years ago

  • Agent Friar
    354 33 2

    Graham Friar's Secret Agent organization is Lucas' life. Now, that he is of age, he needs to live up to his family's expectations and good name, and it all depends on his first mission. A lucaya story

  • Her Return (Lucaya)
    35.8K 943 30

    Three years after the mysterious disappearance of Maya Hart, the gang tries to move on with their lives, facing the challenges of their senior year in high school. So what happens when she returns? And what if she had a huge secret threatening their friendship and their lives? Who will remain by her side in the end? •...