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  • Kamen rider Zero One x SCP foundation: Jump with the foundation
    2K 78 4

    The world is filled with dangerous and mysterious creatures that may destroy the world. The SCP foundation is for this reason, to containing these unknown Creatures for humanity as the world will enjoy peace along side with Humangears. However there is many terrorist that wants to end the world and these terrorist w...

  • The Knight of Legends (Kamen Rider Saber (Male Reader) X League of legends)
    3K 87 4

    Y/n Kamiyama lived in wonderland when he was a child then after being saved by the original saber y/n inherited his powers buy ended up in a new world being found by a Fox lady from a tribe called Vastayah. He was raised along side the fox lady's daughter Ahri and made friends with one of their neighbors daughters Xay...

  • Kamen rider Saber X Fairy Tail: The wonder book warriors of the guild
    11K 208 8

    Earthland. I peaceful world with magic as the world with in peace with many guilds to join and many adventures to be waiting of others to go for. However a evil force comes out of the shadows as they're plan is it turn the world into darkness so they can rule the world. They are called the Megid and they spread death...

  • Kamen rider Zi-o X Dc universe: The nicest demon king as come
    4.1K 86 5

    Y/n Tokiwa always wanted to be king when he was a child so he can keep people safe. But a evil king from the future is ruining his chances and is sending his generals to the past to recruit Villains to be his army. Swartz and the other 2 monitor him in highschool waiting for the others to arrive to prepare to battle h...

  • Kamen rider Decade X Marvel: Journey throughout the Marvel universe
    4.2K 93 5

    The universe is huge and the Marvel universe is one of them with many hero's fighting crime and saving the world against evil super Villains and saving the world against threats. But what if a enemy from another universe has come to the Marvel universe and plans there take over across all worlds across different dimen...

  • Kamen rider Double X Highschool Dxd: The two in one demons
    5.4K 136 5

    Y/n Narumi is just a normal student in Kouh academy and was viewed as the smartest kid ever in his schoolbag as he was the don of teh greatest Detective ever in there town but mysterious disappeared. One day Y/n was going through his father's things when he discovered the double driver and Gaia Memory's in a box. He a...

  • Kamen Rider Zero One X DC universe: Take off, towards a dream in Gotham
    10.7K 246 11

    A massive company known as Hiden Intelligence has moved to America and arrived at Gotham to show everyone Humagear, human like robots that is the next generations for humanity. However a terrorist called has followed them and now they will continue just like in Day Break. With A.I.MS and Justice Lea...

  • Kamen rider Drive X My Hero academia: Racing to be a hero
    9.1K 215 8

    It has been years since the roidmude defeat and the world continued on growing as humanity have experiencing quirks across thw world and now the world have hero's and Kamen rider drive were forgotten by the public. But one day Shinnosuke grandsons named Y/n Tomari and his friend named Jack Shijima visited Y/n old fath...

  • Kamen Rider Zi-O X High school DXD
    64.2K 1.2K 29

    Y/N has moved to Kuoh Town with his uncle to start his new life at Kuoh Academy. Y/N has a strange dream of being King when he grows up because of that dream he was bullied and made fun of at his old school. Even with the bullying Y/N still smiled and helped his fellow students saying "That's what a good King would d...

  • Kamen rider Ex-aid X Meta runner: The future protesters of gaming
    3.2K 70 7

    We introduce our main character named Y/n Hojo waking up in his cryosleep and sees that the world has changed were people play video games everywhere and finds it interesting. However the Bugster's was released by a mysterious figure who bring back the Bugster's and infected everyone so they can rule the word once mor...

  • Kamen rider Den-o X My hero academia: A train ride to becoming a hero
    3.8K 64 5

    Y/n Kayama was trying to live out a normal life with his mother who is hero by the name Midnight. However is quirk called unlucky just always ruin his day but his mother told him that one day he can be a hero like her one day. One day he was walking home for school when he discovered a weird pass port and was about to...

  • Kamen rider Kuuga X Highschool dxd: A demon that protect peoples smiles
    45.2K 869 21

    Billions of years ago there was a war between the gods and the demons. But a legendary warrior appeared and ended the war leaving to humanity to exist. This warrior is known as The protector by both Gods and demons. But the mysterious warrior disappeared and was never seen for years until in the present day a boy with...

  • Kamen rider Cross Z X My hero academia harem: The Blue dragon hero
    14.4K 266 11

    Many heros have incredible special quirks that heros use in combat. But one quirk is far more powerful then any and that is Dragon Quirk. Y/n Banjo the son of Ryuga Banjo gose to school like any other quirk and was viewed as the strongest person in the world, can stand against his rival named Katsuki Bakugo and protec...

  • Kamen Rider Build X Overwatch: Hero's with fullbottles
    15.3K 293 18

    Many years ago Y/n and Kumi were childhood friends in the past until Kumi moved away. Years later Y/n was given a build Driver and fullbottles by a mysterious man that tolled Y/n to bring back Overwatch and search for a artifact called Pandora's box. During Y/n's journey he find Kumi after all these years trying to es...

  • IS Gamer god Kamen rider x infinite Stratos (Male reader x Houki)
    1K 13 2

    Y/n is a bugster but a good one who is now a Kamen rider in a world filled with mechs known as IS, he is now one of two males to fly them

  • Kamen Rider Decade Male Reader X RWBY
    1.2K 23 2

    After finishing with the world of Zi-O Y/n finally went to another world there was also his rival, Dika Kaitou (Kamen rider DiEnd girl version) who would disturb him or help him. Y/n began to search for information about the world he now lived in and it turned out ..... this was a world called Remnant. Is Y/n able to...

  • Kamen rider Decade X crossover Harem: The saviour of world's
    25K 408 12

    Y/n L/n has visions of a person telling Y/n that soon he will be the saviour of world's. He never thought about it until his world was attacked and destroyed by Dark Decade. Saved by the original kamen rider Decade named Tsukasa Kadoya, he is given the neo decadedriver and now was sent to several different anime worl...

  • Switch To Cosmic (Kamen Rider Fourze X Infinite Stratos Crossover)
    19.8K 291 14

    A disturbances cause by other dimensions and timelines altered from the newly organization called the Primus Shocker, the true incarnation from it's predecessor. Their goal is to conquest on every world beyond as rulers of the universe. The Heisei Riders transfer their powers across the dimensions to inherit for new...

  • RIDER TIME!!! RWBY's Legend Rider
    48.1K 844 34

    A fan of kamenrider and rwby was about to have the adventure of his lifetime. (OC Male OP Kamen Rider x RWBY) RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth and Kamen Rider is owned by Toei.I only own the OC.

  • Kamen Rider Zi-O - Dark Time
    26K 450 21

    In one of of the many Kamen Rider worlds, Y/n, is a normal young man, until his homeworld was destroyed. But just when he was about to die, he was saved by a cloaked man in a time mazine. The man told Y/n that there's a way to save his world from being destroyed. He must travel through his timeline and other worlds t...

  • Kamen Rider Zero one: Remnant Authorized
    55.1K 1K 42

    Hiden intelligence is Remnants largest tech company. The company works on technology to help better Remnants future. One day, a unknown being cause a large explosion in the Hiden intelligence lab. During the death and confusion, many of there projects were stolen. Most important of those stolen objects, were devices t...

  • U.A. Genius Bottled Hero (Kamen Rider Build (Male Reader) X My Hero Academia)
    76.4K 1.6K 31

    This is the story of Y/n L/n, a teen who lives alone due to not having parents, but that won't stop him from being a hero after discovering a lab under a cafe named "Nascita". Follow him on his journey as the new "Kamen Rider Build" and his path to become one of the world's greatest heroes and the Symbol of Love and...

  • The Spiritual Medal Bender
    2.3K 38 7

    Set in Book 2: Spirit Unalaq tampered with the power balance that th Spirit World has... In result he has awoken the warrior who held the balance between the Human and Spirit worlds alike who can Spirit Bend and use the power of the Ancient Spirits He awoken, Kamen Rider OOO the Spirit Guardian

  • The Next Rider Rwby X Kamen Rider Male Reader
    2.9K 42 7

    Meet Y/n a young boy who lost his memories in a accident his parents abandoned him now left with nothing he walks into an alleyway and begins to break down but in his darkness two people pull him into the light those two people are Sento Kiryu and Banjo Ryuga they raise the young child into the next Kamen Rider Build...

  • The Hopeful Mage of Devils (Kamen Rider Wizard (Male Reader) X High School DxD)
    37.3K 704 17

    Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, Gods, Dragons and other supernatural beings all exist. But now a new race had begun to rise. Creatures and monsters whose goals is to bring forth despair to the world and its people, they are called "Phantoms". They are dangerous and will shake the supernatural world to its knees, but t...

  • Will Be The King! (On-Hold)
    10.2K 158 6

    A long time ago, there were tales of heroes who have saved the world from destruction for time to time again. But that was 20 years ago, the world eventually forgot about them and now they legacy rests in the books of history. But one day, a young man who has a passion for history stumbles upon the book and was immedi...

  • Kamen Rider Neo Decade
    16.8K 274 53

    Three years after the defeat of Gyze, Shindou Chrono wanting to get into college to learn astrophysics, but his life has changed after he received his neo decadriver and meeting Watz, a Quartzer who serve Ohma Zi-O, now he fights as Kamen Rider Decade to connect all the rider worlds and fight Ohma Zi-O.

  • The Song Of The Heisei Era
    36.8K 512 21

    (Y/N) have lost his family by the Noice the only family that he have left was his sister Snow. But sadly she died, before she die. She left something for (Y/N). She left him a gift and that gift has the power to fight against the Noise and including the Relics user.

  • Fairy tail Harem x kamen rider Decade: Fairy Tail's greatest distroyed of worlds
    29.1K 309 15

    Y/n L/n have been travelling to different A.R world's for years after he was given the neo driver by Tsukasa. In one january he arrived at a new A.R world with no riders in there just wizard's. He decided to stay at that world and be a rider there. He saw a guild war and he decided that to help Fairy Tail in there war.

  • Armed Girl's Machiavellism :Switch On! Kamen Rider Fourze!
    13.9K 238 13

    Yosuke Takamura a sixteen year old boy who has been transferred to Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy after he was involved in a brawl that led to multiple students getting seriously injured. Yosuke meets up with his childhood friend Nomura Fudou and a group of girls known as the Supreme Five Swords. The Five Swords don'...