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  • What does depression taste like?
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    This book is meant to be chaotic, loud, random, and all over the place. A perfect reflection of me. Each poem is a part of me and what has molded me into the women I am today. I wanted to share my darkest hours with others in order to shed light on the subject of depression. People have always asked me not so serious...

  • To All of the Hearts I've Stolen
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    Maybe she loved him because he loved her, because he showed her how she looked in his eyes. And she was beautiful to him, with all her flaws. But maybe she didn't. Didn't love him at all. #1 poem: 09/5/19 #25 poetry: 01/29/20

  • Poetry On Fingertips.....
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    #1 in #poetrylovers -26/feb/19 Contains all my poems.... Every single one. Please do comment if you like!!

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    After the incident that happened 10 years ago, the Walkers never stepped their foot on the snowy mountain anymore. However, after purchasing a cabin house deep in the mountain, they decided to spend their winter holiday in the isolated cabin. After a few days staying there, Blair Walker, who was the youngest in th...