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  • escape ➸ satzu
    98.8K 3.9K 51

    a runaway cop seeks help from a doctor as they run into each other but will the doctor be willing to help him out? read and find out what happens satzu adaptation...credits to the owner :) 🚨A T T E N T I O N🚨 *curse words included* *gender bender* [ highest rankings ] #1 - satzu #2 - sanaxtzuyu #3 - minatozakisana

  • she's a vampire // satzu (completed)
    242K 9.4K 33

    Tzuyu is a vampire. She transferred to a high school in Korea, where she met Sana. What would happen between the vampire and the clumsy girl? Start: june, 20 2019 End: august, 9 2019 Highest Ranks; #1 twice #1 satzu #1 mina #1 momo #1 ff _ this story is originally from aff, big credits to the real owner; ©/cafeaulaitzu

  • Love Me While You Can--> [Satzu]
    280K 6.9K 44

    Tzuyu has a little secret that all of them know except for Sana.. Find out her little secret. "Sana eonni.." I broke the hug and look at her "C-can i c-close my e-eyes and r-rest?" "No! Please dont! Tzuyu don't close your eyes!" I shouted crying she rubbed my cheeks with her thumb and gave me a weak smile "I love you...