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  • Muted Mate
    8.3M 234K 45

    He's an alpha. She is nothing. He's loud and outgoing. She's a mute freak. He needs his mate. She wants to be dead. What happens when two opposites cross paths? (i wrote this when i was 14-15 so please just be aware that it moves quickly and it's cliche)

  • Loving The Tribrid
    197K 12.2K 31

    |SEQUEL TO HUNTING THE HYBRID| '' I can explain.. '' He whispers softly, removing his touch with a flash of hurt in his eyes. '' Explain what?! That you turn into a giant animal! '' I screech in terror. He looks down awkwardly. '' Yeah.. that. '' '' Anything else you'd like to clarify while we're here? '' I rush out...

  • His Queen
    1.5M 38.2K 34

    *COMPLETED* He is cruel She is broken Onalee (Ali) has stared death in the face more then once in her 18 years. She knows loss and pain better then anyone. After Ali's pack was killed she was captured and tortured for the enjoyment of her captors. Now she has escaped but wanders into another alpha territory to find...

  • My Mute Mate
    2.8M 75.6K 50

    [WARNING:Needs Major Editing & has harsh materials that some readers may find disturbing, so read at your own risk.] [A werewolf story] It all begins when Lily's mother passed away when she was just 7 years old. Her father took their lives to a turn and became an alcoholic father. Her father became a person that Lil...

  • The Boxer and the Badboy
    5M 168K 40

    #1st in werewolf #1st in confessions and fighter #1st in humor #5th in romance Hayley Hood is a 17 year old girl who has gone through so many things in her life. Always wearing her protective hood; she manages to remain invisible- that's until the school's five Badboys decide to go to the underground boxing area and...

  • The Exiled Alpha | ✓
    12.5M 404K 37

    "It's like he's a different breed of werewolf. Something... beyond us." • • • Adrienne Gage has spent her entire life being shunned and punished for her mouthy attitude, and being loyal to a pack which doesn't deserve her loyalty. It's been a year since her last punishment, and she's been walking on eggshells to keep...