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  • Ice and Fire - LisKook
    297K 20.8K 47

    "For more than twenty years now the war between two powerful houses; House of Azaran the wielder of Fire and House of Eiran the wielder of Ice-finally came to an end." Her head limply leaned into his chest making him turn his gaze at her as they rock back and forth with rhythmic ease as the wave became gentler. Her we...

  • Shadow Empire
    48.3K 4.6K 16

    Shadow Empire is the sequel to 'Ice & Fire, and the final book in the Ice & Fire duology. If you haven't read the first book yet, please read do read it before proceeding to this book. ❍ ☾ ⬤ She had been through hell for so many times now that all that's left for her to do is breathe through the fear and walk into th...