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  • ∂αиgєяσυѕ fєℓℓσωѕ ѕcєnαríσѕ
    50.1K 2K 10

    random scenarios of the dangerous fellows. most scenarios will not be in the apocalypse unless it's specified. some will be funny and some will be... well... ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) so sit back, relax, and enjoy. 💕

  • Dangerous Fellows on Crack
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    Do I need to say more? Cover by me!

  • 학생회 그놈들 - An alternate universe/prequel (maybe) FAN translation
    2.2K 126 9

    oof. I was looking arounf the DF notice board and I noticed this game. I was so excited but when I tried to google for translations there were none (that I was aware of) so, I decided to do the stupid and attempt to translate the game with a combination of Papago, Google translate, and some Korean that I knew. **Upda...

  • Dangerous Fellows Preferences/One-Shots.
    140K 2.8K 24

    This is such a small fandom and I really enjoy seeing these types of things so here's my best attempt at contributing to that. Anyone interested in an Otome game that takes place in the zombie apocalypse go check out this game Dangerous Fellows 💞 (I haven't been active on here in years, but I'm coming back for this...

  • Dangerous Fellows Boyfriend Scenarios (DA) (Discontinuing)
    261K 5.2K 28

    A boyfriend scenario of DangerousFellows and I personally believe this is adorable. I put (DA) for During Apocalypse I'm hoping to do one that's After the Apocalypse. Anyway and suggestions or request or welcome and appreciated! 4-10-19: #146 zombieapocalypse

  • Dangerous Fellows Preferences/Imagines
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    What the title says