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  • Sinister | A Scream Fanfic
    28.6K 915 26

    I lay in the grassy field, feeling the liquid soak into my skin, staining it a crimson red. The moonlight poured over me like a waterfall and the trees whistled in the wind. I felt my lips curl up into a small grin, letting my eyes roll into the back of my head as the dirt intertwined itself in between my fingers, and...

  • In Love with a Psychopath // A Billy Loomis fanfiction
    80K 2K 28

    Hollie Daley just transferred from Boston, Massachusetts to Woodsboro, California in her junior year with her widowed Mother, who's currently seeking a boyfriend. As Hollie is beginning to adjust to her school, she befriends the hottest bad boy, Billy Loomis, who helps her recollect and find herself in school. However...

  • thrills; billy loomis
    12.2K 263 6

    What if Billy Loomis never died? What if Billy managed to escape, and left his partner in crime, Stu for dead? What if Billy continued to wreak havoc in a very small town far far away from Woodsboro? - I do not own Scream (1996) or any of its characters.

  • screaming >> billy loomis
    9.8K 236 11

    highest ranking #5 ranking in billyloomis, #5 in sidneyprescott, & number one in stumacher 💕 Dana Becker, Erin Loomis & Nicolle Eldridge have been best friends since as long as they can remember, and are naturally overjoyed when Dana transfers to Woodsboro Highschool to live with her cousin Casey. Erin goes a little...

  • Zoey Prescott and The Ghostface
    80.4K 1.5K 39

    Billy Loomis... half of me is afraid of him, but the other half...

  • Insane | Billy Loomis x Reader
    33.4K 1.1K 15

    •Billy Loomis x Reader• There was nothing Y/n Prescott hated more than her sister's boyfriend, Billy Loomis. Still, she'd never have even dreamt of the day she'd become acquainted with him after a few murders and one hell of a phone call. ◇Started: September 30th, 2019 ~ ◇Ended: //

  • Psycho // Billy Loomis
    51.7K 1K 20

    Highest Rank #1 on #randymeeks and #2 on #mädchenamick #10 on scream and #1 on #sydneyprescott and #tatumriley "I Can't Believe That You Basically Just Killed My Brother And I'm Still Helping You Escape" ... "He May Be A Psycho But That Boy Is My Psycho" ... "He Is Very Peculiar Yes He Is" ... "A Killer, Maybe , A Ps...

  • You know I wanna make you scream - Billy Loomis
    14.1K 257 5

    Billy Loomis story from scream. Won't be the same as the movie so be ready for a twist.

  • Twisted
    49.7K 1.4K 28

    The blood slowly drips from her lips, her chest rises and falls with each and every heavy breath. "Your Love is just as sick and twisted as mine."

    Completed   Mature
  • That Boy Is My Monster
    76.5K 1.8K 13

    Ashley has always been background noise in Woodsboro. But one day she is finally noticed by two unlikely people, psychopaths in fact. What will happen when she gets to involved?

  • Not Afraid (Billy Loomis x reader)
    94.2K 2.8K 24

    The reader falls head over heels with Billy Loomis, but when she finds out he's a killer does the reader leave him or join in on the fun.